Digital Experiences for the New Age of Banking

Solve your enterprise problems with a portal that brings tailored experiences to your clients and employees. Provide user-specific content for your audience, create productive collaboration tools and keep users engaged by building on Liferay DXP.

Four Types of Portals That Solve Enterprise Problems

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Liferay DXP helps you create tailored experiences for your clients and employees.

Unified Customer Experiences

Tie together mobile, conventional web, legacy and other content in a single repository.

Integrates With Everything

APIs, web services and messaging services make it easy to unite third- party software and legacy systems.

Stay in Control

Control content permissions so that internal communications never end up on your public website.

Personalized Experiences

Curate content so each team, department or affiliate only sees what’s relevant to them.

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With Liferay, we have a robust and complete platform. The portal provides agility within projects and high quality implemented features, plus a long-term business vision.

Marcos Faria
Director of IT and Operational Support
Carrefour Bank

A platform that connects on every touchpoint.

Serve your clients by creating new experiences across their entire journey on a flexible and easily integrated platform.

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