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Fortune 1000 Company Brought All Their Sites Onto One Platform for a Seamless Customer Experience

Brink’s, a global cash management services provider, recently undertook a four-part
digital transformation initiative with Liferay and Dunn Solutions that will lead them into the future.
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Key Takeaways

  • Choose an innovative commerce solution to empower your sales team. 
    With Liferay Commerce, Brink’s was able to assist the sales team and reach smaller businesses using a unique online ordering process.
  • Digital transformation provides more growth opportunities.
    Discussions at Brink’s for how to achieve future success led to a four-part initiative of digital transformation that gives them an edge over the competition.
  • Simplifing platform management should be a priority.
    By unifying all their sites onto one platform with Liferay DXP, Brink’s consolidated site management and saved crucial time.


The Brink’s Company is a Fortune 1000 global leader in total cash management, route-based secure logistics and payment solutions, and international transportation of valuables. Tireless in innovation on behalf of their customers, Brink’s serves people in 100 countries.
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To rise as a leader in the digital cash management industry, Brink’s was looking for a way to refresh their branding to align with their new offerings and create a unified and compelling customer digital interface for all of their back-end systems.

“We realized that we needed a partner who could really understand what we were trying to achieve and drive the capabilities around the platform to the best of their knowledge,” says Glenda Gough, the VP of Digital Experience at Brink’s.

In order to accomplish their goals, Brink’s first had to overcome these challenges:
  1. The content publication process was tedious and unnecessarily complicated.
    The old sites were outdated and difficult to update. Any content changes had to go through IT, which delayed publication.
  2. Site management was challenging and fragmented. 
    There were so many different sites on so many different platforms that it was hard to juggle site management, especially because the sites were disconnected.
  3. The user experience was disjointed.
    Users jumping in between different sites had a disorienting experience because of a lack of unified branding on different sites.
With Liferay Commerce, we have what we need today as well as long-term flexibility.
Glenda Gough
VP of Digital Experience


After a careful review of available solutions, Brink’s decided to go with Liferay, partnering with Dunn Solutions Group from the Liferay Partner Network for support, training, and implementation. Brink’s had already been leveraging Liferay for their corporate website and some individual country websites, but now wanted to tackle the bigger plans for their platform with Liferay.

Brink’s targeted four key solutions that would expand and digitize how they sold, marketed, and delivered their services to customers:
  1. Customer Self-Service Portal: Brink’s created a self-service portal, Brink’s 24seven, that gives their customers greater interaction and visibility into their own accounts. With Brink’s 24seven, customers can request deposits, order changes, and track their cash in near real-time from a web browser or the mobile application.
  2. Global Web Rollout: 30+ subsidiary sites worldwide were brought into Liferay and standardized with the same look and feel to reflect Brink’s updated branding. Each site was localized with the right language and region-specific content.
  3. Sales Microsite: The new microsite Brink’s Complete is used by the enterprise sales team as a solutions-based online selling tool, enabling the sales team to generate custom quotes for customers and delivering a personalized experience to each customer by incorporating specific facts and figures directly into the web content.
  4. B2B E-Commerce Site: To expand market share to smaller businesses without the overhead of directly engaging sales, Brink’s used Liferay Commerce to create an online ordering process that allows customers to self-register, get quotes, and onboard.


By focusing on these four initiatives, Brink’s has been able to:
  • Improve customer service. With Brink's 24seven self-service portal, customers get more visibility, accessibility, and control over their accounts, also enabling Brink’s to provide better customer support.
  • Deliver a consistent customer experience. Brink’s is able to offer their customers a consistent experience wherever they go now that all global sites are on Liferay DXP and unified by the same branding.
  • Gain deeper customer insights. Because of the personalization on the Brink’s Complete microsite, the sales team is better able to understand buyer needs and communicate more effectively.
  • Reduce operational costs to the sales team. The creation of the online ordering process with Liferay Commerce has saved the sales team time and resources while also creating a frictionless onboarding experience for new customers.
Brink’s anticipates that the new B2B E-Commerce site will, in the long-term, ensure customer autonomy and increase profitability by automating and shortening the sales process. The commerce site in conjunction with their other initiatives support the larger effort to continue serving their customers with digital financial solutions as a leader in the global cash management sector.