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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should get certified?
Any technology professional spending significant time working with the Liferay Platform should consider certification as a way to demonstrate Liferay expertise.
How much does it cost?
Exam pricing information can be found on the individual exam pages.
Will my Liferay certification expire?
No, your Liferay certification will not expire, but each certification is tied to a specific Liferay version. We recommend you keep your certifications current by recertifying on the latest Liferay releases as they become available.
Do I have to attend Liferay Training?
No, attending Liferay Training is not required. We do, however, strongly recommend you attend trainings relevant to the certification(s) you are pursuing, as exams are based primarily on content covered in training.
What will I receive when I pass the exam?
Successful candidates will receive a digital certificate stating that they have successfully achieved the certification credential. They will also be authorized to use the certification title and logo on their business cards and other professional collateral.
Can I retake the exam if I don't pass the first time?
If you don’t get a passing score, you can attempt the exam again after a 21-day waiting period. You'll have to pay for your second attempt (and beyond, if necessary) and go through the registration process from the beginning as if you were taking the exam for the first time. After the second attempt, you will be required to wait three months for any subsequent attempts. You cannot retake beta exams.
Why should I hire certified Liferay professionals?
Achieving a Liferay certification demonstrates that an individual has made a commitment to learn in-depth knowledge about the fundamentals and best practices of Liferay technologies. Understanding the right way to do things will lead to more resilient, maintainable, and cost-efficient Liferay solutions.