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Configure seus servidores para obter uma alta disponibilidade e aprenda como manter seu sistema com o máximo rendimento a longo prazo.

Training also available for versions 6.2 and 6.1

Developer Bootcamp

Target Audience: Java Developers
Length: 5 Days
Format: Onsite
Learn More:
  • Develop custom apps and customize Liferay to fit your needs
  • Know when to use out-of-the-box features and when to customize
  • Use Liferay development best practices
  • Generate business logic to implement requirements quickly
  • Harness Liferay development tools to reduce development time.

Production Readiness

Target Audience: IT, DevOps
Length: 5 Days
Format: Onsite
Learn More:
  • Equip your team to deploy Liferay successfully in a production environment
  • Identify issues early by understanding the key components of Liferay clustering
  • Enhance your users' experience and server performance by tuning Liferay to meet your requirements
  • Minimize risk and reduce downtime with disaster recovery, patching, and upgrading
  • Gain accurate information and metrics on usage with Liferay's logging and monitoring.