Content Bootcamp

Comprimento 3 Days
Formatos Private Onsite
Versões do Liferay 7.1

Get Users What They Need

Understand how to give your users the right content and control access to important resources.

Simplify Your Content Strategy

Learn how features like structures, templates, and page fragments make managing content easier.

Publish with Confidence

From smooth review processes to staging content beforehand, learn how to publish efficiently.

What You'll Learn

  • Deliver the Right Content to Your Users

    • Working with Liferay DXP

      • Creating Digital Experiences for Your Users
      • Getting Concrete: Applying What You Learn to a Real-World Use Case
    • Control User Access to Your Content

      • Define Fine-Grained Permissions for Individual Resources
      • Reflect Real-Life Job Responsibilities with Roles
    • User Management

      • Understanding How User Groups Helps You Manage Content
      • Differences and Strategies for User Organization
  • Captivate Your Users

    • Engaging Users with Content

      • Edit More Easily with New 7.1 Features like Inline Editing and Modern Site-Building
      • Create and Manage Content Quickly to Meet the Changing Needs of Your Business
    • Digital Asset Management

      • Easily Store, Organize, Search For, and Distribute Content
      • Help Your Users Find the Content They Need Quickly
      • Ensure that Only the Latest, Approved Assets Are Used for External Distribution
    • Creating and Editing Content

      • Create Content for Your Company Website
      • Apply Consistent Design with Structures and Templates
      • Edit Pages Like You’re Editing Content
    • Self-Service Solutions

      • Generate Landing Pages and Entire Sites with Templates
      • Simplify the Publishing Process with Automated, Dynamic Content
  • Interact with Your Users

    • Publishing Relevant Blog Content to Win Your Customers Over

      • Build Trust and Establish Yourself as an Authority in Your Industry
      • Increase Brand Awareness with Consistent, High-Quality Content
    • Go Global

      • Create Region-Specific Content for Effective Conversion
      • Equip Regional Offices to Target Local Markets
    • Finding the Right Content

      • Easily Search for What You Need
      • New Applications that Propel Relevant Results
      • Fine-Tuning Your Search Results Using Search Facets
    • Gathering User Feedback

      • Understand Your Customer and Employee Preferences with Forms
      • Analyzing Form Data to Make Better Decisions
  • Manage Business Processes

    • Setting up Review Processes

      • Use Workflow to Implement Your Business Review Process
      • Stay in the Loop with Updates that Matter to You
    • Publishing Content Live

      • Preview Your Content Before it Goes Live with Staging
      • Prepare, Manage, and Run Multiple Campaigns at the Same Time
    • Completing the Digital Experience

      • Feature Overview:
        Analytics Cloud
CONTENT Bootcamp

Deliver Your Brand

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