Content Management

Engage your users and create the right content for your business.

Comprimento: 2 Days
Formatos: Public, Private, Online*
Versões do Liferay: DXP

*Instructor-led for 3 days, 5 hours/day

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Ideal para

  • Marketing
  • Content Managers
  • Content Editors

Times que já realizaram o treinamento:

"This training provided a lot of features our team didn't know were available within Liferay."

Thomas Welch


Dia 1

  • Elements/toggle grey Driving the Content Process in Liferay
    • Content Management Concepts
    • Solving Real-World Content Needs
  • Elements/toggle grey Authoring Content
    • Elements/toggle grey Storing Content in Liferay
      • Delivering Content to Users
      • Managing Content with Sites
    • Elements/toggle grey Web Content Management
      • Creating Web Content
      • Adding Content to Pages
      • Localizing Content
    • Elements/toggle grey Document Management
      • Storing Documents in Liferay
    • Generating Customer Engagement with Blogs
    • Providing Real-Time Updates on Team Projects
  • Elements/toggle grey Organizing Content
    • Using Folders to Organize Content
    • Tagging and Categorizing Content to Make Searching Faster
  • Elements/toggle grey Managing Content
    • Changing Content Display Options
    • Automating Content Updates with Asset Publisher

Dia 2

  • Elements/toggle grey Managing Content (continued)
    • Applying Consistent Design to Content with Structures
    • Improving SEO Ranking with Metadata
    • Incorporating Accessibility Practices
  • Elements/toggle grey Syncing Content Between Teams
    • Managing Documents with Liferay Sync
    • Separating Team Projects Across Wiki Nodes
  • Elements/toggle grey Delivering Content to the Right Audience
    • Defining User Segments
    • Targeting Content to Different User Segments
    • Gathering User Analytics
    • Integrating Google Analytics
  • Elements/toggle grey Publishing Content to Live
    • Elements/toggle grey Reviewing Content Submissions
      • Approving Content with Workflow
      • Writing Custom Approval Processes
      • Sending Time-Sensitive Notifications
    • Elements/toggle grey Staging Content Before Publishing
      • Creating a Staging Area
      • Pushing Content to Production
      • Managing Multiple Versions of Sites
      • Scheduling Publication
      • Publishing A Complete Site Update

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