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ABC Splash

Educational platform aligned to Australian curriculum

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is Australia’s national public broadcaster providing television, radio, online and mobile services throughout Australia, and overseas.

The Digital Education Team wanted to build a platform to provide school students, teachers and parents with access to an online library of educational resources aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

Liferay was chosen because of the light-weight, open standard web platform and flexibility to enable rapid development.

Delivering rich resources to teachers and students

A significant amount of the content delivered on ABC Splash is rich video and audio materials from collections of the ABC and from around the world and live events, therefore, the site needed to be delivered on light-weight, open standard web platform which would enable rapid development and flexibility.

The site also needed to appeal to a broad audience, students ranging in age from five to 16, teachers and parents, and have organised and searchable content delivered in an engaging way for all users.

Choosing the platform

A critical success factor in the deployment of the Splash project was the short time to deliver. The flexibility of the Liferay platform and the availability of out-of-the-box functionality were key factors in the selection of Liferay and enabled the ABC Digital Education team to meet their target delivery dates.

There was a very rapid implementation, from signing in June to a live product in just over 5 months with 300 pieces of content live from day one. ABC Splash now has more than 4000 pieces of content.

The Liferay platform provides flexibility and extensibility for building customised functionality and capacity for future extension and integration. Many features required for the Splash digital platform, such as social media capabilities, are supported out of the box therefore significantly less development resources and time are required to develop.

Making a splash across Australia

ABC Splash offers a world-class education experience and all resources are free to watch and play at home and in school and guaranteed to spark discussion and promote curiosity.

Development within the Liferay framework ensured a consistent and predictable output and reduced management overhead. The Liferay technology has enabled the ABC team to continually update the site and now some time on from when the site launched it is still fresh and engaging for students, teachers and parents who visit the site regularly.

Splash has become an indispensable resource to help transform learning in the classroom. For students, it is the go to place for helpful, fun and informative content in a world that is media rich and a space to create and collaborate.

The feedback from teachers across Australia has all been positive and included praise for the sites accessibility, ease of use, and suitability for Australian students.

Since the site’s launch partnerships with the National Archives of Australia, Museum of Contemporary Art (Sydney), Australian War Memorial, The National Portrait Gallery, and National Museum of Australia have been established to supplement existing content. These partnerships deliver selected content from the institutions’ exhibitions and collections to teachers and students through the site – providing rarely seen archival documents, artefacts and artworks – bringing day-to-day lessons to life.

The ABC Splash team is now focused on increasing audience reach to more teachers and students.

ABC Splash is my 'go to' for creative inspiration.
Australian Teacher