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Liferay's flexibility makes it a great platform for fast and agile development that satisfies multi-market business needs. Thanks to Liferay, we are now able to share functionality across markets, have reduced our time to market for our products, and have even been able to release some of our features on a daily basis.
Ivar Hütt
Head Of BSS IT Development Center

EMT, founded in 1991, is Estonia's largest mobile telecommunication company with about 450,000 customers and is the largest in the Baltics. It develops and administers mobile networks and mobile systems and also creates, markets and sells mobile services. The company's mission is to create possibilities for successful performance in global information society for every person and business venture.

EMT's parent company is TeliaSonera, which has about 20 million customers in Scandinavia and the Baltic region and is the fifth largest telecom operator in Europe.


EMT needed a remake of its public and customer self-service websites. EMT was using two separate applications—one CMS application for the public website and one application for self-service. Customers experienced problems using the public website, and self-service usage was quite low. The goal was to redirect users to the customer self-service site in lieu of calling the customer support line or visiting the EMT stores. EMT also sought to promote better customer interaction.

The business vision was to integrate the public and customer self-service sites into one application so that users could surf around the public website after logging in. EMT also wanted capabilities allowing a page to have dynamic data, look different and have the ability to perform functions it was not able to earlier.


EMT conducted several comparisons between Liferay Portal, IBM WebSphere Portal, Oracle WebCenter and BEA. The company found IBM and Oracle to be too expensive and heavy, and BEA's recent acquisition by Oracle led to its elimination as a candidate.

Liferay Portal was chosen because it had a well-developed CMS, was an open source portal platform, and had commercial subscription and support. EMT's developer team was well equipped to work on the Liferay platform and created the public and self service sites from scratch.

Business Value Added

With over 200,000 registered users in Estonia, EMT's self-service platform is among the best in the TeliaSonera group. In recognition of this accomplishment, is developing its own self-service and public site on Liferay Portal. Liferay's out-of-the-box features, such as CMS and authentication, have added the most value to the user experience. For example, customers are now able to order a service from an information page. In addition to this, pages can be revamped quickly to promote new services and products, which gives the telecommunications company a competitive edge in the market.

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