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Global IT Services Provider

Fujitsu is a global IT equipment and services provider headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Fujitsu offers services and products in the areas of personal computing, advanced microelectronics and telecommunications. They employ over 150,000 employees, with products and services available in over 100 countries.

Striving for Better Communication

Over the years, Fujitsu has successfully grown to become a worldwide entity whose brand is recognizable in storefronts across the globe. As a company determined to succeed in the longer term, Fujitsu believes in the need for continual improvement and evolution, especially in the customer interaction process.

Communication was vital in terms of understanding what customers needed and how Fujitsu could better serve them. Without a service channel enabling these conversations, there would be no means of communicating with the end user in an efficient manner.

Fujitsu had applied a traditional strategy of funneling customers to interact with service managers and others in customer-facing positions. Communication involved a lot of manual labor, email and paperwork, and other resource-intensive approaches. With the evolution of new technologies, this approach proved to be tedious and inefficient and attempts to reach other end user organizations were often frustrated. It was clear the process needed an overhaul.

The new approach would transform the Fujitsu-customer relationship through digitalization. They needed a centralized online channel in the Nordic region that would enhance user experience and increase efficiency through automation. They wanted to ensure they could provide effective services that span the entire customer journey for hundreds of thousands of end users in various industries and customer organizations.

Delivering a Real Automated Service Channel

After evaluating several options, Fujitsu chose Liferay for their business solution in the Nordic region. With a highly scalable, flexible solution and an open source approach, Liferay proved to be the best value on the market. Liferay also offered the right technology experts to advise on how to implement the service channel.

Fujitsu developed a centralized service platform that enhanced the overall user experience and increased efficiency through automation. The platform easily enables non-technical users within the organization to create and publish content. The site is also optimized for both PC and mobile viewing. Furthermore, they were able to reduce maintenance costs and save time from tedious processes and services.

“As a platform, Liferay has helped centralize things in one place and solve both process and user experience issues at the same time,” said Riku Österlund, Development Manager, Fujitsu.

In order to improve their knowledge and understanding of Liferay, a team of Fujitsu’s developers attended Liferay Training. Fujitsu was then fully equipped to develop a service channel solution that was scalable and featured the following capabilities:

• Web and document CMS for content publishing for all end users

• Authentication platform integrated to Liferay with SSO hook

• Integrated backend systems with SOAP interface

• SOLR index for customized knowledge base integration

• Liferay mobile responsive themes

• Liferay audit plug-in for web analytics

A Blueprint for the Future

After the implementation, there was a pronounced shift within the company culture in their approach toward user-centric online services. Internal end users were very satisfied using an automated service channel and laying to rest some outdated practices within their departments. The new site has also given them a refreshing new user experience, with architecture that enables meaningful user interaction and provides new functions that increase efficiency.

Fujitsu needed to develop a state-of-the-art service channel for customers and to take conversations with them to the next level. Liferay has provided a building block in aligning Fujitsu’s technology with their business goals, and early customer feedback has confirmed that Fujitsu is indeed on the right track.

With Liferay, we are able to offer a real single point of contact for customers with all automation capabilities while reducing our costs.
Riku Österlund
Development Manager, Fujitsu