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8,000 users
1,700,000 visits per year


When a collaborative intranet contributes to the Group's consolidation

The Humanis Group was created from the merger, in 2012, of three joint mutual social security groups: Vauban-Humanis, Aprionis and Novalis Taitbout.

It was within this context of a full merger that the General Management decided to create a collaborative intranet portal to support the new organization, simplify access to the content of the various entities and promote collaborative work among employees.

There were many constraints to be taken into consideration by the team: heterogeneity of the Information Systems, change of organizational scope, creation of a reliable directory, etc. These problems were successfully resolved thanks to the involvement of HR Management, Communication Management, IT Management and above all General Management.

This portal, set up in late 2013, has become a genuine driver of the digital transformation for the consolidation of the Group. With 8,000 users and 1,700,000 visits per year, it has dozens of community leaders and many contributors. Its visitor rate is constantly increasing, up 113% between 2014 and 2015.

Any company merger brings with it a set of challenges. At Humanis, the collaborative intranet set up with Liferay represents a genuine driver for convergence toward a shared company culture.
Vincent Colas
Intranet & Internal Social Network Manager