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25 %
member productivity increase
£500 M+
value in knowledge exchange and collaboration resources
members in 1,800 communities (and growing)

Knowledge Hub


Knowledge Hub is the UK’s leading digital collaboration space for the public sector. It helps members exchange valuable knowledge and expertise, facilitating collaboration and understanding across social, organisational and even geographical boundaries. With an ethos to always be as relevant and useful as possible, Knowledge Hub decided to upgrade with Liferay DXP to give members the best user experience possible.


• Growing membership and user activity required more flexibility and scalability

• Mobile-first audience expected an experience mirroring their social networks

• Ongoing financial pressure drove demand for high-value solutions for collaboration and training

Knowledge Hub's vision is to provide every public servant in the UK a place where they can network and collaborate online, build communities of interest and explore new ways to address the issues that really matter in the daily running of government.
Liz Copeland
Head of Customer Insight & Engagement