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Reed Business Information


Reed Business Information (RBI) is an international leading provider of information and marketing solutions for decision makers and professionals. RBI is part of Reed Elsevier, a group with a total of a round 37,000 employees.

Project Summary

RBI uses Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition as a publication platform for their professional publications. RBI's leverages Liferay's multitenancy capabilities to host several independent magazines in a single installation, which allows them to launch new publications quickly with a quick return of investment. Some of the most used features of Liferay for these portals are the content management, blogs, forums and wiki.

La facilidad para crear nuevos sites de forma sencilla y con mínimos costes de desarrollo y mantenimiento, así como la posibilidad de minimizar la funcionalidad "bespoke" y extender las audiencias online mediante la optimización SEO, han sido claves para la elección de la plataforma Liferay.
Jesús Bravo
Director de Internet