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VIVACOM is Bulgaria’s leading telecommunications service provider, with over 4 million customers and 240 retail shops. As the country's first telecommunications operator, VIVACOM has experienced enormous growth by continuously innovating and putting customers first.

The company needed a digital solution that worked across all products and for any audience segment, whether customers or employees. They chose the Liferay platform to create a self-service channel called VIVAONLINE. Customers can now engage with personalized, relevant information on demand as well as manage their accounts. The single platform also consolidates every interaction to ensure that each business unit has a unified view of the customer. This ensures the customer has a consistent experience across all touch points, and a quicker and more convenient way of interacting with VIVACOM than ever before.

VIVAONLINE is an essential building block for VIVACOM as they transform the customer experience and reduce business costs. An intuitive UI makes it quicker for customers to access what they need, creating a customer experience both enjoyable and timesaving. As a flexible, modular platform, Liferay ensures that VIVACOM can continue to adapt and innovate to guarantee its continued success as an industry leader.

The Liferay platform is helping us reach our goals: to improve the customer experience and reduce costs.
Planem Dimitrov
Senior Manager Quality and Development, Customer Service