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The deciding factor for us was how perfectly Liferay's role-based access, user groups, and organizational structures fit into our vision for our client portal. None of the other considered products matched up.
Kevin Harrington
Chief Operating Officer, BeSafe Technologies

BeSafe's services aid police, fire, EMT, SWAT and other emergency response personnel before and during intense emergency situations with immediate, detailed information like floor plans, photos and unique building features.

Before adopting Liferay Portal, BeSafe would prepare and distribute safety materials to clients via CDs, USBs and printed materials. There was no way to keep this critical information up to date, and clients also did not have immediate, anytime access to data packages and safety materials. Also, the safety solutions provider's website lacked content management capabilities and was difficult to both expand and maintain. The company needed a website that would foster collaboration and communication, and would maintain safety-related data and materials.

Liferay was the portal of choice for BeSafe. The cost-efficient platform's role-based access, user groups and organization structures were precisely what the company needed. With their new customer service portal, BeSafe has a wider reach as an ongoing, subscription-based service with clients who can now access current critical safety materials and first responders from anywhere at any time. Not only is their new portal more convenient, it also saves lives.

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