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90 %
User adoption up to 90% from 30% after CKP was implemented


User Adoption Triples

CitiXsys uses comprehensive retail management solutions to help thousands of global companies streamline their businesses. As they expanded, CitiXsys needed to bring together their diverse community of customers, employees and partners in a way that fostered active collaboration and in-depth communication for an improved user experience.

Their main goal was to simplify knowledge sharing with advanced management capabilities across multiple channels.

Liferay Portal was chosen to create the CitiXsys Knowledge Portal (CKP), implementing a document management system along with a detailed training database that posted valuable content to the CitiXsys community. After implementation, CitiXsys saw a significant increase in its user adoption rate, as well as an improved user experience that created a more active community. Users can access in-depth training documents, achieve certification badges for sales and implementation, and post questions to a discussion forum where common answers are accessible to the entire community.

With their new platform, CitiXsys is now poised for continued expansion and the development of an even richer community of users that will enable knowledge management and collaboration across the business.

With the help of InfoAxon and Liferay, the CKP has become our main engagement platform and has ushered in a collaborative knowledge management environment that has transformed our business.
Manish Chaturvedi
Vice President, CitiXsys Americas