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Implementation of the Liferay Portal solution allows for easy web portal content management and maintenance. In addition, more complex changes are made in-house without third-party involvement. From a business perspective, implementation of the new portal solution benefits Lithuania through convenient access to official statistics, expanded statistical indicator analysis and greater presentation possibilities.
Gita Burokaitė
Public Relations Department Manager

The Lithuanian Department of Statistics (Statistics Lithuania) is the public authority that coordinates official statistics for the country. Employing statistical methodological principles, the department compiles, processes, analyses and publishes official statistics on economic, social, demographic and environmental changes in the country. They are responsible for preparing and disseminating the statistics necessary for decision-making and stimulating public discussions on issues relevant to the country, and to actively participate in the development of international statistics.

Statistics Lithuania's strategic objective is to improve the quality and accessibility of statistical services and products by using resources responsibly and without increasing the statistical reporting burden for respondents. Statistical information is accessible to all users interested in the socioeconomic development of Lithuania and is available free of charge on the website of Statistics Lithuania.


Statistics Lithuania coordinates the activities of a number of different ministries and institutions in the field of official statistics. Together they produce regional and administrative-territorial statistical indicators throughout the country. However, because statistical information is collected from different sources and published in different ways, it has historically been difficult to collate the data and make it accessible and user-friendly for the public. They needed a one-stop gateway for users to access data in a clear, user-friendly format.


Liferay Portal was chosen as the platform for two new portals: a new customer portal for affiliated organizations and the new Official Statistics Portal. The portal delivers information in a clear and consistent format regardless of which institution prepared the data. Users now have a customized experience that is easy to navigate, with tabular views, interactive graphs, and maps. In addition, users can create their own data sets, add new statistical indicators, and create derivate and summary reports. They can customize reports according to their preferences and share results through social media portlets. If there is any data that is not available through the portal, users can now request additional services and access the results online.

Decisive factors in selecting Liferay Portal included a low total cost of ownership and the availability of enterprise-level support. On a technical level, Liferay Portal's content management capabilities met the requirements of the portal. The open source model also allowed for standard features to be customized and for custom development to be integrated into the platform.

The project was implemented by Affecto Lietuva, an official Liferay Partner.

Business Value Added

The public now benefits from an Official Statistics Portal that is both intuitive and attractive. Currently the portal is accessed by up to 1,000 concurrent users, and Statistics Lithuania expect the number of users and their satisfaction with the user experience to continue increasing. In the future, more institutions are expected to join the customer portal for organizations, thereby increasing the data and knowledge base found on the Official Statistics Portal. The growth in public interest is also expected to continue climbing as the portal evolves into the primary gateway to statistical information for Lithuania.

Additional benefits include a decrease in expenditure for on-site support for customer organizations. The flexibility and tools that come out-of-the-box with the Liferay platform empower the users themselves to create content and contribute to the portal without drawing on technical resources. As the data and user needs grow, the platform's agility will allow the portal to grow and adapt to future developments.

In the future, all statistical indicators produced under the Official Statistics Work Programme are planned to be integrated into the Portal, which will substantially improve their comparability and analysis possibilities.

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