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A History of Excellence

The platform convenience and its ability to integrate with our own academic systems brought agility to our processes and granted great autonomy to the Marketing team.
Ana Quezado
Director of Marketing and Communication, Unifor

Founded in 1973, the University of Fortaleza (Unifor) has become the largest private education institution in the North and Northeast regions in Brazil, with more than 25,000 graduate and postgraduate students. Unifor offers 40 graduate courses, 80 MBAs/Specialization courses and 16 master’s and doctoral programs, taught by the IES’s 1,300 professors and distributed on a campus of 720,000 square meters.

Refreshing an Aging Site for the Academic Community

The 45-year-old institution knew that it was critical to improve its user experience for potential students in order to remain competitive in the market. Its main communication channel, a public portal, needed to better engage Millennials, implement an intuitive and mobile responsive website, and improve user experience, all while maintaining the high level of quality provided in its courses. The portal drew more than 100,000 users and more than 290,000 sessions per month, but students and prospects had dif culty nding important information about courses and other services offered by Unifor.

Achieving a Superior Experience Through User Testing

User tests were conducted with different Unifor’s key audiences — students, employees and prospects — in order to better understand their needs and develop an information architecture that met the expectations of each group. The new visual identity focused on improving the user experience with fewer clicks, more available interactions throughout the website and responsiveness for mobile devices. The site map was updated to edit and relocate information that was inconsistent in the old portal. The user testing was an important part of the new portal design because it uncovered necessary adjustments in the structure and terminology of the portal’s content.

The benefits provided by the new Unifor portal extended to the university’s Marketing and IT teams. Legacy systems used in other departments were now integrated with the portal, streamlining the activities and services promoted by the university. On the IT side, a new API layer, internal search functionality, and new front-end and back-end applications were developed which allowed for better structure and more interactions on the site. For the Marketing team, building websites became a quick and easy process due to the features offered in Liferay DXP, such as multisite management, drag-and-drop page creation, role provisioning and a new, automated work ow for the publishing process.

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