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The collaboration between InfoAxon and IMRB was excellent. This collaborative effort helped in conceptualizing and creating the KM portal that suits the needs of IMRB perfectly.
Jayachandran Rajaretnam
Consultant & former Sr. Vice President, IMRB International

IMRB International is an established and trusted market research company with over 1,200 users and offices across 19 different countries. It has a rich tradition of delivering services in various sales, marketing and advertising channels.

With a Liferay Portal implementation, IMRB International was able to develop a knowledge management platform that facilitated data and information sharing throughout the organization. IMRB features secure access to documents across different roles within multiple business units, as well as the ability to capture tacit and explicit knowledge through a document management system. The new platform now serves as a common place to track and find organizational knowledge and products created by the market research teams.

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