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The Web to Service Agricultural Social Protection

The new msa.fr website simplifies procedures for our members and enables us to fulfil our public service mission consistently and effectively.
Emmanuelle Pabolleta
Director of Communication and Information at the CCMSA

The MSA (Mutualité Sociale Agricole), ranked as the second largest social security system in France, provides social cover for the entire agricultural population and their families.

With 26.9 billion euros of benefits paid to 5.6 million beneficiaries, the MSA has a central benefit fund and 35 regional ones, for its members. Digital technology has profoundly affected these members, who are now fond of autonomy and fluidity in their procedures. An increasingly restrictive budgetary context is added to this where improving performance is a constant challenge.

In order to respond to these two observations, the msa.fr website was redesigned in 2010 then in 2015. The msa.fr website now offers a wide range of news and practical information by member type: private individuals, farmers, businesses, partners. The user can also change regions and switch over to one of the 35 regional sites, to which the content automatically adapts.

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