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Embracing a Modern User Experience

Our partnership with XTIVIA has been a fantastic experience. Utilizing their expertise with Liferay, the team developed a portal solution allowing our business to quickly move off an aging platform. In doing so, the end result is a robust and reliable solution with a far superior customer experience. The XTIVIA team continues to be a responsive and effective trusted advisor.
Brett Hopkins
Software Platform Manager - eCommerce, Schneider Electric

The E-Business department of the Buildings Business at Schneider Electric was looking for a versatile platform that could serve their diverse needs, ranging from a software download center to a partner extranet and more. Their immediate need was for a solution that would allow thousands of users around the world to search and download software, including files running into hundreds of megabytes.

Instead of settling for a narrow solution, Schneider seized the opportunity to reimagine their entire information hub. Their roadmap included a partner extranet, a key public website, a marketing collateral mobile app, and various software tools for their customers, partners, and employees around the world. To accomplish this, they needed a platform that was agile and flexible, bringing together an array of services in a way that was easy to manage.


A Versatile Platform to Meet All Needs

Liferay, a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, was chosen by Schneider Electric for its low total cost of ownership, business ability, and rich out-of-the-box functionality, including a strong content management system, identity management capabilities, ability to leverage a public cloud infrastructure, and extensibility as a development platform.

Schneider Electric chose XTIVIA, winner of Liferay’s Partner of the Year award for three years in a row, for its proven leadership in the portal space and its ability to work with the E-Business team to implement its strategic vision.

A Modern User Experience

First, the team built an easy-to-navigate system and leveraged Liferay’s AUI framework for a responsive theme. Custom responsive layouts provided a clean, professional, and consistent look and feel to the site, optimizing the user experience for mobile devices and tablets.

Next, XTIVIA used the workflow feature of Liferay for document and software package uploads and implemented an end-user oriented “document search” portlet that supported filters, continuous search results (infinite scroll), the ability to identify and show the related assets, and the ability to track searches and downloads. The XTIVIA team enhanced the core Liferay search capability with XTIVIA search innovations and a robust SolrCloud search infrastructure which greatly enhanced the performance of the search queries. XTIVIA also ensured that the Schneider E-Business staff were trained in managing and operating the portal on a day-to-day basis and had the ability to update the content as required to keep the site fresh.

To fortify security, the XTIVIA team implemented features that required users to be registered and verified before they had the ability to download assets from the Exchange system. The team also set up Single-Sign-On (SSO) between the Exchange system and multiple applications within the organization. Finally, XTIVIA worked with the Schneider E-Business team to redesign and rebuild the user interface of the Exchange site by adding key functionality improvements in the search and presentation of assets for their target audience.

XTIVIA also completed a project to integrate Schneider’s mobile marketing platform with the Liferay platform to provide a conduit for assets to be available to the internal Sales and Marketing teams in a professional and aesthetically pleasing manner on their marketing platform.

Exceptional Customer Experience That Continues to Evolve

The Exchange was launched by the E-Business team in the first quarter of 2014, and it quickly became the go-to resource for Schneider Electric’s partners and employees around the world. Schneider received rave reviews from its customers, affirming that the new platform is providing a dynamic and enjoyable user experience. Even their own staff see day-to-day advantages as the workflow and content management enabled by Liferay helps increase productivity for both portal management and internal marketing efforts.

Liferay continues to provide value to the Schneider E-Business team as a complete application development platform and not just a Content Management System. XTIVIA and Schneider Electric are working together as a team on additional Liferay-based projects to continually improve the current platform.

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