SUEZ Connect digital platform enables customer self-service anytime and anywhere

Liferay’s experience in delivering customer portals and their emphasis on the connected customer experience was a key factor in our selection of the solution.
Nick Zafiris
Program Manager Digital Transformation, SUEZ Australia and New Zealand

SUEZ is a global resource management company. In Australia, SUEZ has more than 2,800 employees who are experts in the water and waste management sectors. The company has 1300 collection vehicles and 100 operations to provide reliable services to more than 56,000 customers and more than 3.7 million residents every week. SUEZ selected Liferay for their SUEZ Connect portal to deliver a better customer experience to its recycling and waste management customers across Australia.


SUEZ recognised that through a digital platform they could strengthen their relationships with existing customers and attract new ones. Providing real-time invoicing and payment options, self-service scheduling, requests for new services and reporting on metrics, such as environmental impact, would allow SUEZ to satisfy customer expectations.

“Exceptional customer experience is a key differentiator for any business today, and digital is often a key enabler. A competitor review revealed that whilst the waste management market overseas is digitally advanced, the Australian market is in its infancy. Giving our customers the ability to manage their account online, on any device, would give us a competitive advantage,” said Helene Berberich, Strategic Marketing Specialist, SUEZ Australia and New Zealand.

Technology Challenges to Overcome

From a technology perspective the challenge for SUEZ was digitally transforming the business in light of the fact that the underlying systems are old and do not support the latest Application Program Interfaces (API’s) – and more than 50 different system interfaces are required. The team required a digital platform that had proven and flexible integration capabilities.

“Liferay’s experience in delivering customer portals and their emphasis on the connected customer experience was a key factor in our selection of the solution,” said Nick Zafiris, Program Manager Digital Transformation, SUEZ Australia and New Zealand.

Exceeding Expectations and Ready for Change

Take-up of the SUEZ Connect portal has exceeded company expectations in terms of usage and customers’ reaction. Customers now have self-service at their fingertips, up-to-date communications, real-time reporting and payments. The digital platform has also enhanced data quality because customers are in control, as a result, the accuracy of delivering customer services has improved. In addition, the SUEZ sales team is able to promote the tool as a value-add to win new customers. SUEZ now plans to continue to develop its digital offering to continually improve the customer experience.

“Digital by nature is disruptive, now, with the Liferay platform in place and our agile project team, we are capable of quickly adopting innovations which will keep SUEZ at the forefront of any market changes, ensuring we remain competitive and can provide first-class customer service,” said Zafiris.

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