Front-End Developer 7.0

Length 2 Days
Formats Instructor-Led, Private, Online
Liferay Versions 7.0

Control Company Branding

Discover how you can craft your UI to reflect your brand identity.

Create a Superior User Experience

Modern development means you can have it all—speed, scalability, and responsive design. Learn how Liferay’s new design language helps you deliver results.

Design for the Future

Stay current with advanced display templates and get access to lasting design practices.

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What You'll Learn 7.0

  • Creating the User Experience

    • Front-End Development in Liferay

      • UI Development Tools
        Node.js | Yeoman | Gulp
    • The New UI Landscape

      • Lexicon: Liferay's Design Language
      • Modern JavaScript Design with ES2015
      • Creating UI Components with Metal.js
      • Maintaining Alloy UI
    • Developing Themes

      • Building and Generating Themes
      • Customizing Lexicon and Bootstrap Components
      • Styling Applications
      • Creating and Using Reusable Themelets
      • Packaging Content in Themes
      • Embedding Applications
    • Customizing the Page Layout

      • Creating Layout Templates
      • Embedding Applications into Layout Templates
  • Styling Your Brand

    • Styling in Liferay with Display Templates

      • Liferay's Templating Options
    • Delivering Consistent Content Experiences

      • Styling Web Content with Templates
      • Creating and Previewing Content Templates
    • Customizing Email Notifications

      • Creating Notifications with FreeMarker Templates
      • Using Tag Libraries in Templates
    • Customizing Application UIs

      • Controlling Application Presentation
    • Advanced Templates

      • Using Google Closure Templates with Metal.js

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