Liferay Fundamentals

Length 2 Days
Formats Instructor-Led, Private, Online
Liferay Versions 7.0

Get Insider Knowledge

Cut down on development time by learning about Liferay’s out-of-the-box features and the best ways to use them.

Discover Real-World Solutions

Work on scenarios that align with actual business requirements that you can apply to your own projects.

Reflect Your Business Structure

Learn how concepts like Organizations, Roles, and Permissions model your own business needs.

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What You'll Learn

  • Liferay and Users 7.0

    • Creating User Experiences

      • Introduction to Liferay DXP
      • Demonstrating Features with Real World Use Cases
    • Integrating Users into Liferay

      • Liferay and Users
      • Adding Users to the Platform
    • Integrating with an Identity Management System

      • Bringing in Outside Users
      • Importing Users with an LDAP Server
    • Reflecting Your Organizational Structure

      • How Organizations Help Business Units
      • Creating Organizations
      • Assigning Users to Organizations
    • Grouping Users

      • Managing a Large User Base
      • What are User Groups
      • Mapping LDAP Users to Groups
      • Managing User Membership
    • Controlling User Access

      • How Users Access Content and Apps
      • Assigning User Roles
      • Using Role Scopes to Manage Access
      • Granting Administrative Access
    • Building a Public-Facing Website

      • Introduction to Sites
      • Creating a Public Website for an Organization
    • Creating Sites for Individual Departments

      • Using Templates to Simplify Landing Page Creation
      • Linking to Important Resources
    • Building a Private Website

      • Creating Private Sites
      • Knowing When to Create New Roles
    • Creating Dynamic Pages

      • Building a Front Page
      • Using Structures and Templates to Apply Consistent Design
    • Creating Sites

      • Using Private Pages to Gate Protected Content
      • Building Sites with Templates
    • Creating New Roles

      • Evaluating the User Base
      • Creating a Content Role
  • Manage and Publish Content

    • Introduction to Documents and Media

      • Using Document Folders to Organize Content
      • Adding Audio and Video
      • Setting Permissions for Particular Roles
      • Previewing Audio and Video
    • Organizing Documents and Media

      • Using Folders to Organize Uploads
      • Controlling Upload Access
    • Creating Collaborative Spaces

      • Building Conversations with Message Boards
      • Working on Team Projects in the Wiki
    • Gathering User Feedback

      • Using Forms
      • Reviewing Form Submissions
    • Creating Internal Resources for Employees

      • Building an HR Portal
      • Creating an Intranet with Organization Sites
      • Using Protected Folders for Sensitive Content
    • Searching with Metadata

      • Adding Metadata to Documents
      • Limiting Search Results
    • Using Workflow

      • Setting up a Business Review Process
      • Using Workflow for Specific Content
    • Reviewing Reports with Complex Workflow

      • Avoiding Bottlenecks with Workflow Timers
    • Perfecting Landing Pages

      • Controlling Page Layout and Content with Staging
      • Publishing Manually
    • Staging Content Before Publishing

      • Using Staging Page Versions
      • Publishing Changes on a Schedule

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