Content Creator

Length 2 Days
Formats Self-Paced, Instructor-Led, Private, Online
Liferay Versions 6.2, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2

Create Digital Experiences

Discover all the available tools you can use to simplify content creation and create modern, captivating sites.

Develop Strategies to Organize Content

Learn how to manage and organize thousands of articles and documents to help your users find the content they need quickly.

Take Control of Business Processes

Work better behind the scenes, mastering workflow and staging to making publication and updates easier.

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What You'll Learn

  • Creating Digital Experiences with Sites

    • What are Sites?

    • Creating Reusable Page Structures with Page Templates

    • Getting Sites out to Market Quickly

      • Using Site Templates
    • Manage Site Configuration

  • Digital Asset Management

    • What are Assets?

      • Different Kinds of Assets
    • Organizing Assets with Metadata

    • Organizing Assets into a Folder Structure

    • Controlling Access to Assets

      • Make Sure Users Have the Right Access
    • Connecting with Existing Repositories

  • Automate and Optimize Content Publication

    • Streamlining Content Publication with Structures and Templates

    • Simplifying Content Updates and Page Creation

      • Using Page Fragments
    • Create Self-Publishing Pages

    • User Segments and Content Page Personalization

    • Content Sets and Personalization

  • Gain Insight on the User Journey

    • Gathering User Feedback

      • Using Forms
    • Evaluating User Feedback

    • Optimizing Form Evaluation

      • Using Analytics Cloud
  • Manage Your Business Workflow

    • Business Review Processes

    • Kaleo Workflow Definitions

    • Preparing Pages and Content for Production

    • Business Process Considerations