Create Simple, Effective Self-Service Experiences

Accommodate your growing customer base by making self-service your dominant strategy.

Reduce Your Customers’ Dependency on Live Channels

Handle your growing customer base cost-effectively by creating a more valuable self-service experience. Liferay helps you decrease the number of calls to your service reps with easy-to-find information on your customers’ preferred channels.

Self-Service That Fits Into Your Overall Customer Engagement Strategy

Self-Service That Fits Into Your Overall Customer Engagement Strategy

Make it Easier for Your Teams to Maintain Knowledge

Liferay’s integrated knowledge comes with granular controls to manage who can contribute to articles. Leverage custom workflows to streamline content creation and approval for your self-service portal.

Fuel Engagement With Forums

Build communities with message boards and forums so your customers can benefit from common questions and feedback. Integration with Elasticsearch makes it easy to find the right information whenever it’s needed.

Bring Your Existing Systems and Data into Your Self-Service Experience

Decrease the cost of maintaining your portal by integrating your existing systems into a core experience platform.

Liferay has helped us acquire new customers and steadily increase our revenue.
Mark Hatam
Panamax Chief Product Officer

How Liferay Helps You Succeed at Self-Service

  • Drive the Adoption of Unassisted Channels

    Help customers fully resolve their own issues without a live representative.

  • Increase the Reuse of Existing Content

    Get the most out of your existing content with an integrated, robust knowledge base that can be shared across all channels.

  • Connect Your Customers’ Preferred Channels

    Use Liferay as a headless platform to add new channels without a major increase to your total cost of ownership.

  • Offer More Relevant Responses with Intuitive Search

    Deliver fast, relevant answers with customizable search result pages.

  • Create a Communication Hub with Easy Content Creation and Personalization

    Turn your customer portal into your main communication channel with engaging new content.

  • Keep Customer Data Private

    Review or erase user data to address data privacy concerns and meet regulations such as GDPR.

  • Identify Improvement Opportunities

    Capture customer feedback with a powerful form builder to continuously improve experiences.

  • Put Account Management in the Hands of Your Customers

    Enable customers to easily check and update their account information.

  • Automate Customer Onboarding

    Create intuitive navigation and experiences so customers can onboard themselves.

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