Digitization of the customer journey at Bosch Smart Home

I would like to focus on customer satisfaction and I do not have to deal with any technical problems. And I do not have to do this with Liferay, it just works.
Dr. Uli Schmidt
Director Business Operations, Robert Bosch Smart Home GmbH

The online shop for Bosch Smart Home products was developed with the goal of realizing a consistent and seamless customer experience for users and customers through many touchpoints. Online-Shop, returns handling, warranty processing, service chat for customers, installation videos and much more are part of the functionality. Back-end systems, such as SAP for handling sales processes and other functionalities, have been integrated into the shop. When deciding for Liferay, the flexibility and integration capabilities of the digital platform were key drivers. The architecture of the solution supports a rapid internationalization. As an online business card of the company, the website is present in Germany, Austria, Great Britain and France. Liferay is part of the IT standard at Bosch and has proven itself as a valuable partner for the realization of the best possible customer experience.

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Case Study Video
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