November 19-20, 2019

HALLE 45 Mainz, Germany

Build on your Liferay expertise and apply fresh knowledge to your projects with 40+ in-depth sessions and technical workshops


Featuring over 40 in-depth sessions and technical workshops, the 2-day Liferay Developer Conference is a great opportunity to gain some new perspectives, build on your Liferay expertise and apply fresh knowledge to your current and future projects. If you are not working with Liferay yet, you will receive great insights into Liferay software including learnings and best practices, you will hear about exciting modularity trends and valuable JAVA topics. Be part of the global Liferay community – you can look forward to a great gathering with lots of knowledge exchange, networking and, of course, loads of fun.

Have a look at the DEVCON 2019 Teaser Video to see what the buzz is about!


The Unconference is a very popular and quickly booked event that we offer one day before DEVCON. As typical for an Unconference, the agenda will be determined in the first session of the day. We have room for several parallel sessions, so you're guaranteed to find valuable topics that match your interest and profile. The catch: we can't tell you about them in advance. This year’s Unconference will take place at Motorenhalle next to the main venue HALLE 45.

Unconference Venue: Motorenhalle, next to HALLE 45 · Hauptstrasse 17-19 · 55120 Mainz ·


As usual we invite everyone for our free Liferay community event the evening before DEVCON. This year the community event will take place on Monday, November 18, at 7:30 PM. Come and join us for a drink, meet old friends and get to know new people.

Location: The Location will be announced shortly. Stay tuned.



DEVCON "I Trust You Rate" 749 € Exp: 07/21/19
DEVCON Early Bird 849 € Exp: 09/15/19
DEVCON Standard 949 € Exp: 11/20/19
DEVCON & Unconference "I Trust You Rate" 859 € Exp: 07/21/19
DEVCON & Unconference Early Bird 959 € Exp: 09/15/19
DEVCON & Unconference Standard 1059 € Exp: 11/20/19



  • Liferay Certified Partner: 50% Off
  • Customers with a Liferay Subscription: 50% Off
  • NGO/Government/Education: 25% Off
  • Alumni: 10% Off
  • Groups 3+: 10% Off

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HALLE 45 (Mainz, Germany)

HALLE 45 is an iconic venue steeped in industrial history. Located in Rhine-Mainz, birthplace of the Gutenberg press, HALLE 45 spans over 4,000 sq m and was originally built 170 years ago. Since then it has served as an automobile factory, concert and theatre venue.

Bringing together the old and new with its authentic brick facade, restored industrial charm, six historic and refurbished crane runways with state-of-the-art event technology; HALLE 45 provides an unmatchable ambience, making it the ideal setting for DEVCON 2019.

Beautiful Mainz is located very central in Germany and is easy and fast to reach through Frankfurt International Airport (FRA) or by train.

HALLE 45, Hauptstrasse 17-19, 55120 Mainz, Germany


This was my first time presenting at a conference, and what an honor it was. What an amazing opportunity to connect with Liferay folks and also members of the European community. I had the chance to share my experiences with the product but also hear so many stories from others about their experiences, their challenges and the things they love. Definitely the best experience with Liferay to this day.
Andrew Jardine
Jardine Works Inc.
I had great and helpful conversations with Liferay staff and exciting speeches.
Severin Rohner
clavis IT ag
It was my first DEVCON and it was impressive. Gives motivation and inspiration. Simply great.
Jörg Nemitz
/ 3