A Single Digital Platform Meets a Modern Telco Company

A1 Hrvatska was able to become a leading digital and telco service provider by leveraging Liferay.
A1 Hrvatska, one of Croatia’s telecom operators came to Liferay when the business exceeded the capabilities of their existing internet platform. Their previous digital infrastructure needed an update, with restrictive design capabilities. The company needed a new digital solution that could be tailored specifically to their needs. The implementation of Liferay DXP increased time to market for new services, added flexibility in creating content and landing page layouts for communication, and enabled streamlined development of new functionalities.

Download the full Case Study and learn more on A1's results like:
  • Improved Website Traffic: More than 1 million users are now registered on the main website
  • Streamlined Processes: Simplified administration tasks with the creation of multiple templates, layouts, and custom components that save time
  • Enhanced Website Experience: Faster search and website navigation. Customers can also communicate easily through video-chat feature which led to a 41.64% better bounce rate and 36.52% more conversions
  • Custom Development: Using an open source platform supports in-house development of custom components which means quicker go-lives with projects
Liferay meets our needs, has good support, and is an open source platform that allows us to develop custom components that our portal is based on.
Goran Novak
- Design and Development Expert
Liferay DXP allowed us to create multiple themes, layouts, custom components and implementation of the new design with ease. Simple and stable administration saved us valuable time in the process of content editing and publishing.
Ivan Lovretić
- Portal and Webshop Development, and Operations Senior Specialist
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