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Why B2B e-commerce matters and how to get started

Many B2B companies are still not leveraging the full potential of running a digital sales channel.
Why should you do e-commerce, and what are the benefits?  Also, learn how you can get started with your e-commerce journey.
30 Minutes
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Key learnings in this coffee chat
  • Why should you start today with B2B e-commerce?
  • What are the benefits and the pitfalls?
  • How to get started?

About the Webinar

In this webinar, we will talk about why B2B companies should have a digital sales channel next to their off-line sales channel.

We'll talk about some of the recent trends, facts, and figures.
You will also get insights into the potential benefits a B2B e-commerce channel can bring to you.

Convincing companies of the potential of doing B2B e-commerce is easy...
But how can you successfully launch an e-commerce channel today? What do you need to do, what are the pitfalls, what's the best approach, what organizational changes do you need to implement, etc.

You will discover the answers to these questions and more in our talk!

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Joeri Moors
Business Unit Manager, ACA IT-Solutions

Joeri is the Business Unit Manager of the unit that focuses on e-commerce, and Content- and information Management at ACA IT-Solutions.

Being active in e-business for more than 15 years, Joeri has extensive experience in eCommerce, Product Information Management, and Marketplaces in all of its aspects. He is seen as a trusted advisor in e-business by many clients.

Joeri has worked with many SMEs and Large Enterprise companies and is active as a seller on Amazon and Bol.com.
Peter Mesotten
Solution Architect, ACA IT-Solutions

Peter is Technical Lead in the same Business Unit as Joeri.

He has more than 12 years of experience with Digital Experience Platforms in general and Liferay specifically. The field of e-commerce is rather new to Peter, but he is convinced that (B2B) commerce plays a growing role in the field of DXPs, so he doesn’t want to miss the train!

Peter has played an active role in more than 20 Liferay implementations throughout the years and is a well known speaker on Liferay events.
About ACA IT-Solutions
ACA IT-Solutions is a group of people with a boundless passion for IT and just one mission: to grow together by realizing solutions that make customers as well as coworkers proud. For over 30 years and with a team of over 180 enthusiasts, ACA offers know-how, added value, and custom services.
ACA develops custom software and implements best-in-class solutions in multiple domains.
ACA also offers audits, training, consultancy, outsourcing, and innovations such as AI, data, and low code applications.
ACA’s customers are mainly important players within the industries of Government, Banking, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Food, and Logistics.