On-demand webinar

Manufacturing in 2020 and Beyond: Not Business as Usual

2020 has meant lots of changes for manufacturers from shutdowns, to new safety measures, and even new product plans. All of this exposes levels of uncertainty and requires coordination across departments to manage protocols, institute quality control processes, monitor equipment maintenance, and verify calibration of equipment. 

A smart, digital management system helps companies maneuver difficult waters by enabling process and workflow management, data capture and analysis, and effective communications and collaboration.

In this webinar you will join a panel of your peers and experts as we discuss:

  • How a DXP and IoT can help with restart efforts and ongoing operations and maintenance
  • Creating a central manufacturing data hub with consolidated technologies (think Industry 4.0)
  • Using data to your advantage to improve decision-making,  reduce costs, and improve efficiency 
This webinar is for:
  • Digital Technology Leaders
  • Supply Chain Leaders
  • Data Science Leaders
Become a data-driven manufacturer