Front-End Developer 7.1

Put your developer skills to the test with Liferay DXP 7.1 questions on topics including building layout templates and themes, upgrading themes, and customizing with templates.

90 Min | 50 Questions | 200 USD

Exam Blueprint

90 Minutes
50 Questions
80% Passing Score

Example Test Questions

  • All questions are based on Liferay best practices when developing for Liferay DXP.
  • Unless other otherwise indicated in the question, assume a new Liferay installation with no additional plugins installed and no modifications to portal properties.
  1. A page in the Liferay Platform can be configured to use a different theme from the rest of the pages of the Site.
    Answer:  True
  2. A portlet can be embedded inside of:
    (Please select all correct answers.)
    A. A Role
    B. A Theme
    C. A Layout
    D. A Document
    Answer:  B and C
  3. To create and deploy a Liferay Theme, you need the following tools:
    (Please select all correct answers.)
    A. Yeoman
    B. Node.js
    C. Gulp
    D. Gull
    E. Liferay Theme Generator
    Answer: A, B, C, and E
  4. The command to create a layout is:
    A. yo layout
    B. yo liferay-layout
    C. yo liferay-theme:layout
    D. yo layout:liferay-theme
    Answer: C
  5. After deploying a Theme and a Layout, in which folder can you see the files of each one?
    A. data
    B. osgi/modules
    C. osgi/configs
    D. osgi/war
    Answer: D


Each topic will be a percentage of the test below.
全部展开 全部折叠

Creating personalized digital experiences across web, mobile and connected device isthe goal of Liferay DXP's framework, but to accomplish that Liferay leverages the OSGi framework to provide a development environment for modular applications.

多个商店 — 一个账号可以管理多个商店。

Metal JS


Liferay AMD Module


多站点目录 — 支持多站点、多目录的商务模型。

访问权 — 跨站点共享公用用户角色和权限。

客户结账 — 买家无创建账户即可进行购买。

内容丰富产品页面 — 提供其他信息,例如详细的折扣信息、产品规格以及相关的指南或手册。


Web apps in Liferay Portal are called portlets. Like many web apps, portlets processrequests and generate responses. In the response, the portlet returns content (e.g.HTML, XHTML) for display in browsers. In Liferay, portlets runs in a portion of the webpage. With Portlet, you can create new functionalities.

产品类型 — 销售实体产品、订购类产品、服务、产品Bundle和数字化商品。

产品选项 — 通过如颜色或大小等变量创建简单和分组产品。

附件 — 在产品页面上添加可下载的产品概览、用户指南和文章。

点击放大 点击缩小

Liferay Frameworks expand the capabilities of your implementations.

页面生成器 — 使用拖放和自带的应用程序如产品详细信息显示、购物车、搜索栏等创建页面。

Elasticsearch — 通过分面搜索和筛选,更有效地浏览和探索产品。了解 Liferay 企业版搜索

基于内容进行产品推荐 — 根据产品内容(如规格、描述和分类)自动推荐相关产品。

基于用户产品推荐 — 根据客户当前正在查看的产品、自动推荐其他客户购买的产品,从而鼓励交叉销售。

其他产品购买建议 — 通过向客户展示与他们相似的客户也购买了什么,从而提供更个性化的建议。

产品系列 — 显示客户产品系列和相关产品。

产品试用 — 为虚拟产品(如试用版下载或PDF)提供产品预览。

设置价格 — 设置价目表、促销和折扣的发布和到期日期。

产品对比 — 当用户浏览目录或产品页面时,可以添加要比较的产品。产品对比页面有详细的产品信息,如尺寸和价格。

Embedding Portlets in Themes

Clay CSS and Themes

点击放大 点击缩小

Extending and customizing Liferay Portal for your own needs.

结账页面 — 显示订单信息如日期、付款方式、合计和客户账户信息。

点击放大 点击缩小

Upgrading from Liferay 6.X involves moving from plugins to Liferay modules.

账户组 — 为每个分组创建用户分组和目标价目表、折扣或促销。

合同价格 — 将合同定价应用于单个客户或具有价目表的账户。

Liferay 7.1: Customizing with Templates | 10%

There are a number of resources on the platform where you can use templates for styling.

Web Content Templates

Workflow Templates

Application Display Templates

Preparing for the Exam

Achieving recognition as a Liferay Certified Professional Back-End Developer demonstrates that you understand core concepts for developing Liferay modules and know how to follow Liferay best practices to develop robust, elegant, and maintainable solutions based on the Liferay Platform. The exam is designed to be challenging, yet fair for Liferay developers. Here’s how you can succeed:

  1. This exam is based off of the Liferay Training course Back-end Developer as well as the Liferay DXP 7.2 Developer Guide.
  2. Attend the Back-end Developer training course. Attending training is not required before you sit for the exam, but much of the exam material is based on concepts covered in training.
  3. Review the additional source material. Liferay Developer Network is an amazing complementary source of information for the exam.
  4. Get hands-on development experience. Some of the topics covered on the exam require the kind of knowledge that comes from real experience developing for the Liferay Platform. If you have attended a developer training, be sure you've completed and reviewed all of the exercises presented during class, even the bonus exercises. If you haven't attended training, spend some time developing applications and customizations. It would also be helpful to review Liferay’s source code to ensure you're familiar with Liferay's best practices.
  5. Register.
  6. Show up to the testing center with the required identification and take the 90-minute exam.

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Liferay Certification exams are administered by Kryterion. Please register for an exam on Kryterion's website.
Registration Fee: $200 USD

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