Liferay Hosting Partners为需要可扩展和可依赖的门户解决方案环境的Liferay用户提供了一个hosting的基础结构。


BitNami simplifies the process of deploying web applications natively, virtually and in the cloud. BitNami Cloud Hosting provides a growing library of the most popular open source applications, ready to be launched with the click of a button. With BitNami Cloud Hosting, solution providers and businesses of all sizes can deploy and manage business applications such as Liferay, Jasperserver, SugarCRM, Alfresco, Drupal and many more. BitNami is developed by BitRock, a leader in cross-platform application deployment.

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Firelay is Liferay managed hosting for business critical portals. With our expertise, 24x7 monitoring and dedication we ensure high performance, stability and security. We offer tailored solutions on ISO27001 certified infrastructure in the Netherlands, On-Premises or Platform as a Service and our services cover the full stack.

From designing a cost-effective setup to assisting developers with release deployments, a DTAP street and continuous integration, all our efforts are fueling your portal. Using automation we install and maintain your hosting configuration to ensure lasting Liferay Portals with stellar performance.

Our team is standing by 24x7 to support you via email or phone. Backups, regular updates and immediate application of released security patches and continuous system hardening, keep your portal and data safe.

Contact us ( or try our PaaS for free (

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Windows Azure

Windows Azure enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. Build applications using operating system, language or tool of your choice.

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Omegabit是Liferay认证的Hosting服务提供商,也是一家主营Liferay Hosting服务的企业订购版经销商,服务包括服务器管理、性能调整、监控和备份。


At CloudBees, we believe the cloud is the new platform. Our vision is to free developers from infrastructure maintenance duties so they can focus 100% on developing great applications. The CloudBees Platform as a Service (PaaS) supports the complete Java application lifecycle for cloud development and deployment, without any servers, any virtual machines or IT staff. Our platform includes DEV@cloud, a service that lets developers take their build and test environments to the cloud using Jenkins CI, and RUN@cloud, which lets teams seamlessly deploy applications to production in the cloud. Try it free!

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Standing Cloud

Run Liferay Portal in the cloud in just a few clicks with Standing Cloud. No downloading software or configuring servers required. With our cloud-based Test Drive solution, you can evaluate EE with a free 30-day demo, and upgrade seamlessly at the end of the trial. All at a single bundled price for software and hosting on your choice of clouds, including Rackspace, Amazon Web Services, HP and more. With Standing Cloud, your Liferay installation is completely portable from cloud-to-cloud, so you're never locked in to a single cloud provider, and are protected from downtime and service outages with 24/7 server monitoring, automated back-ups and management tools. Plus, you can modify your Liferay installation however and whenever you need to. Because we use a scripted approach, not binary images or pre-configured packages, you can take advantage of our scalability and portability even in customized deployments. Getting Started Instructions.

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