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From Legacy Website to Customer Centric

We needed to build on a platform that allowed the experience to undergo continual enhancement and improvement, and that’s what we have now.
Ana Eberhard
Vice President, Member Experience

Formerly Aviation Medicine, AvMed began in 1969 as a niche healthcare insurance provider for the growing aviation industry in Miami, Florida. Today, AvMed provides commercial, individual and Medicare health coverage to more than 380,000 Floridians in over 30 counties throughout the state.

Customer service has always been the heart of AvMed’s mission. But with a legacy website that wasn’t yet mobile-ready, AvMed needed to update its IT process and user experience. Using Liferay, AvMed partnered with Rivet Logic to optimize the login experience and create an appealing site design. The new website consolidated three legacy properties (, Medicare and Embrace Better Health) into one homepage. These changes increased digital engagement, encouraged new site traffic and decreased customer support costs—all while leading AvMed to become truly customer-centric.


Designing a Digital Storefront

In order to provide a terrific customer experience, new processes were required. Recognizing that AvMed’s members wanted a functional mobile experience, they planned for a site redesign to meet the change in customer needs. AvMed wanted a central, user-friendly website with portals for each type of user. To bridge the silo between IT and marketing, they needed a platform with WCM capabilities. Before, any content update required adjustment to the source code, meaning the marketing department was unable to edit and publish content themselves.

“The [legacy] website was built from the inside out,” said Ana Eberhard, AvMed’s Vice President of Member Experience. “It wasn’t needs-driven. If you had any content that you needed to change, you needed to get IT involved.”

Further, it lacked what she called a digital storefront, a clear presentation of AvMed’s services and brand identity. The unappealing design was enough to limit new business and discouraged existing members from engaging with the brand.

These pain points illustrate how customer needs encouraged AvMed to invest in new technology. More than a health insurance provider, AvMed’s Wellfluent™ brand provides resources to the public for tips and news on wellness and healthy living. After the site updates, current and past resources were easier to search and find. AvMed was able to better market their content and services to interested and invested parties.

Scalable Benefits Without IT Involvement

Using Liferay, AvMed designed four unique user portals to improve the site’s design and functionality. Now, logging on to the new site through Single sign on (SSO) asserts that customers are experiencing a much less cumbersome process. Redesigning the journey through the lens of the customer experience meant implementing a phased approach. With an IT support staff of less than 10, the flexibility of tackling projects separately (i.e., separating the portals) was essential.

“We appreciated that building [AvMed] on Liferay made it scalable,” Eberhard said.

Because of the easy-to-use nature of Liferay, AvMed and Rivet Logic were able to launch the first new portal in just a few months, with future plans to modernize the three remaining portals. Because Liferay was designed for integration, a number of helpful third-party applications were supported on the new site, including a translation engine to provide a Spanish version of the site, and a web accessibility tool making content screen reader compatible.

And by utilizing Liferay’s Asset Publisher, content across the site became easier to use through the use of categories and tags. With a clean dashboard, relevant information surfaced right away. For instance, updating personal information could be accomplished quickly in a snapshot that was easy to find. No longer did changing content for the marketing team require IT support, a costly and cumbersome process. From a customer perspective, the new site makes much more sense for the user.

Immediate ROI

The results were significant. Site visits (and time spent on the site) increased immediately after the Q4 redesign to more than 20,000 unique visitors per month from the following year. Call center volume dropped, saving AvMed almost $40,000 dollars within one quarter of measurement. But more importantly, the customer experience improved. A portlet called “Show Me the Math” helped members understand the cost breakdown per event between what they paid and what AvMed paid. This transparency isn’t just a better business practice, the optimized communication has helped decrease costly customer support calls.

Of course, no website is ever finished. But the modular benefit to using Liferay makes future work easier. Where the legacy site required maintenance downtime, the new website is always live with 24x7 uptime.

"We needed to build on a platform that allowed the experience to undergo continual enhancement and improvement,” Eberhard said, “and that's what we have now.”

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