Developing for the Liferay Platform 1

The essential developer course.

长度: 3 days
培训形式: Public, Private
Liferay版本: 6.2*

*Also available through private training for Liferay 6.1


  • Technical Leads
  • Application Developers
  • Portal Developers

Teams that have taken training:

这是个很棒的培训。 它可以帮助我了解一些工作需要的基础知识,是我在工作中不曾获知的。现在我比之前更了解Liferay平台。

Manovinayak Ayyappan
NCS Pte Ltd

天 1

  • Development Environment Setup
  • Understanding the Portlet Lifecycle
  • Inter-Portlet Communication
  • JSR-286 Portlet Development
  • Liferay's MVC Framework

天 2

  • Setting up the Data Model with Service Builder
  • Generating the Service and Persistence Layer
  • Displaying Data using Liferay's Search Container
  • Localization, User Feedback, and Input Validation
  • Integrating Liferay Permissions
  • Adding Custom Portlets to the Control Panel

天 3

  • Customizing the Authentication Pipeline
  • Modifying Liferay's User Interface
  • Replacing the Controller
  • Extending Core Business Logic
  • Changing Anything in Liferay with EXT Plugins
  • Development Strategy