Styling Liferay with Themes

Control your style, deliver your brand.

长度: 1 day
培训形式: Public, Private
Liferay版本: 6.2*

*Also available through private training for Liferay 6.1


  • Technical Leads
  • Front-End Developers
  • UI/UX Developers

Teams that have taken training:

"As the technical lead and manager for the team, I couldn't be happier with the information presented, and I would recommend this training to anyone interested in Liferay."

Joseph Hall
Gov Solutions Group

天 1

  • Understanding the Code-Level Anatomy of a Theme
  • Creating a Theme
  • Accessing Liferay's Services
  • Creating Layout Templates
  • Using SASS and Compass in Liferay
  • Styling with Alloy Bootstrap
  • Responsive Design
  • Theme Development Best Practices and Accessibility