Intelligus TeamWorXX

Intelligus TeamWorXX is a web-based collaboration and social networking suite, which leverages and extends the social and collaboration features of Liferay. TeamWorXX is aimed at helping groups of users work together effectively and share knowledge online.

Feature highlights:
- Secure group collaboration
- Full social networking capability
- Mobile ready, responsive design
- Rich group administration interface, aimed at non-technical users
- Social media aggregation
- Powerful notifications system, including immediate, daily and weekly activity emails
- Comprehensive user privacy and security settings
- Direct messaging
- Group blogs aggregation
- Clean, simple UI and intuitive UX
- Social login, through LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter
- User and group recommendations

Equally at home inside an organization, engaging employees and making them more productive (, as it is in providing cross-organization group collaboration ( or as a worldwide innovation hub (

Used by over 250,000 users worldwide, Intelligus TeamWorXX is a feature rich web collaboration platform that hosts the UK's largest platform for public service collaboration.

Intelligus TeamWorXX lets your users manage everything from searching all visible groups, members and content, to contributing ideas, posting announcements and creating polls. The app lets users hold conversations in forums, store and manage documents in a library, and use microblogging and rich wiki functionality within a group context. Users have full control over the features within their group, using group templates. Group facilitators can specify which blog posts are pulled into their group, which groups users are invited to join, auto-acceptance criteria for restricted groups, and whether the group’s security status is open, restricted or private.

Every user has their own profile page, with associated privacy settings. They can also search a directory of other members, connect with them, send direct messages, see their latest activity and chat in real time with instant messaging. TeamWorXX also offers full blogging functionality, such as tagging, email integration and trackbacks.

Users can search across the whole site for content and other users, or can limit their search to a particular group or feature. Search results can be filtered by content type and tag, allowing users to more easily find the content they're looking for. They can then favourite and tag content or users, leave comments and receive notifications of new activity.

Intelligus TeamWorXX has a responsive design, so it’s mobile-ready and remains functional across a wide range of device types and sizes. This allows users on-the-go to continue to collaborate wherever they are.

This app requires the Liferay Resources Importer EE app.

Intelligus TeamWorXX is offered on the Liferay Marketplace for implementations of up to 1000 users. If you require a license for a larger number of users, please contact us at

Additional plugins to Intelligus TeamWorXX include:
- Intelligus Web Conferencing for online collaborative sharing and meetings
- Intelligus Events for bringing people together through live experiences
- Intelligus Pathfinder for easy to use collaborative strategic road-mapping
- Intelligus Social Equity for bringing gamification to the online collaboration platform
Latest Changes
New Features:
[TXX-114] - Add polls to group home and polls admin to group admin
[TXX-134] - Social login (LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter)
[TXX-135] - Integrate related content (requires Intelligus Enterprise Search)
[TXX-136] - First-time user login wizard
[TXX-151] - Group facilitators should receive an email notification when a new user joins their group
[TXX-152] - Group facilitators should be able to remove members via the group admin page
[TXX-240] - Group stats portlet
[TXX-378] - Prompt to change password, after requesting a password reminder
[TXX-402] - Configuration option to require authentication on all requests (Intranet use case)
[TXX-425] - Add lead organisation field to groups

[TXX-98] - Add JSON support to social media fetch
[TXX-193] - Mobile improvements
[TXX-244] - Redirect to group landing page after creating a group
[TXX-358] - Standardise response messages when searching and inviting users to a group
[TXX-389] - Modify email address change confirmation message if user verification enabled
[TXX-405] - Make idea title unique per group
[TXX-419] - Show number of connections on user profile page
[TXX-424] - Allow group facilitators to delete microblog posts in their group

Bug fixes:
[TXX-403] - Users shouldn't be returned in front-end search results unless they've accepted the site T&Cs (if required)
[TXX-418] - Unable to send direct messages to users with apostrophes in their names
[TXX-423] - Global (and group) search not ordering results by date correctly
[TXX-426] - Invitees are added automatically to restricted groups without facilitator review
[TXX-427] - Group URL for open and restricted groups should be for public pages (/web) if the user is logged out

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