Reports EE

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This app provides an easy to use and intuitive UI for creating and scheduling report generation runs. When combined with an appropriate implementation (such as the Jasper Reports app) in the Control Panel, you can upload report definitions (designed in a report designer) into Reports Admin, and run them from the Definitions tab. They can be scheduled to be run as well, and exported to many formats, including HTML, CSV, XLS, PDF, and more. Reports can also be delivered via email address. The reports will be displayed within the portal.

This app will appear in your Application menu and Control Panel once installed.

  • LPS-47241 As a reports admin, I would like to be able to modify the report name
  • LPS-49717 Always declare vars before inheriting XML in SDK if possible, so that the XML has access to those vars
  • LPS-50501 Pagination in Reports Portlet is broken under the Definitions tab
  • LPS-51009 Parameters configured through the Reports Admin page are ignored