Conflicts haven't stopped because of COVID-19. Neither has the suffering caused by them. For people in places where violence or conflict are part of everyday life, the virus is yet another threat to their lives.

Let's come together and support those at risk. The International Committee of the Red Cross is fighting the spread of the disease by supporting health care centres, providing clean water and supporting livelihoods. But as the disease spreads, people's immediate and longer-term needs will continue to grow.

We're all facing this pandemic together. Help us support the ICRC by donating today.
Photo Courtesy of ICRC


Remember Pac Man? During DEVCON you will have access to great content but also very cool games. Time to show off your gamer skills! 

The more active you are on the event days, the higher engagement score you will get and the most fun you will have. Keep an eye on the leaderboard during the event to keep track of your score! The three most active participants will receive amazing prizes!


CODING MINDFULLY! Software development can be stressful. In certain cases, this can manifest as anxiety, burnout or other mental health issues. Join us for three short mindfulness sessions designed by Daragh Byrne (Software Engineer and Meditation Teacher)  to help you maintain your mental health while working in the software industry.

USE THE FORCE! You got what it takes? Join the Ninja Yoga Sessions with our very own Sarah McGuirk. Join her in exploring the perfect equilibrium of stealth and strength to move like a Ninja. No need for a Yoga mat! Join us from your Home office floor :)