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Coach brings together their global workforce with a modern intranet

"I see Liferay as being integral to our future and the digital environment that our employees experience every day, whether they’re in the store or in the office."

Dante Ragazzo
​​​​​​Director, Enterprise Portal, Coach, Inc
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Coach has a long-standing reputation in the modern luxury space. As a growing company with over 1,000 stores worldwide and more employees than ever, they needed to find a way to reach and engage employees across various business units, geographies, and languages.

In order to lift productivity and enhance communication between executives and employees responsible for maintaining operations and storefronts, they used Liferay to build a consolidated corporate intranet called Coachweb.

Digitally Empowering Employees

Previously, employees could not search for documents, as Coach’s online employee systems were built from various URLs without a consolidated intranet and content was frequently duplicated due to updates, which lead to confusion and lost time.

They needed a better way to reach and inform employees whose main connection to store information was through smartphones and tablets, which were previously unreached by the company’s online capabilities.

Coach chose Liferay because of its ability to consolidate information, reach employees on all devices, create a personalized dashboard, incorporate numerous features on a single platform and prepare the company for future digital transformation efforts.

Connecting Employees to Content

Coach employees found difficulty in locating the correct version of a document they needed, leading to lost time spent searching online and confusion regarding out-of-date policies.

By creating Coachweb via Liferay, the company eliminated redundant, duplicate, and incorrect information with improved search functionality and content management system which reduced the amount of time spent finding and updating documents, from minutes to seconds.

As employees around the world had access to a consolidated platform, team members are now able to self-service their needs and find fast answers to their questions while meeting the needs of in-store customers.

Coach’s employees in both stores and offices now use Liferay to find employee news, messages from the CEO, business strategies, earnings reports and HR information.

Creating a Digital Workplace

Coach sought to reach employees wherever they were through an easy-to-use intranet accessible via mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. In doing so, employees could quickly and easily find the information they need.

Their vision for creating a digital workplace was to make it as easy to use as possible, preventing frustration concerning interactions with work documentation. Through consolidation on Coachweb, employees do not need to move from site to site or remember numerous passwords to access important information, removing the burden on the employee.

In addition, employees are now able to communicate more directly with headquarters, receiving information on products and providing feedback based on customer actions in stores.

The global fashion company is looking to continue improving their backend system integration and further digital transformation in all aspects of their business.