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Domino's connects team members, franchises, and delivery experts around the world

How the leading pizza company uses Liferay to bridge communication gaps and deliver pizza without a hitch.
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With over 17,000 stores in more than 90 countries around the world Domino's  is made up of many different moving parts – from corporate team members and franchisees to their delivery experts collectively driving over 10 million miles a day.

Although this model is great for business, it doesn’t prove to be an easy method for communication, with c
orporate team members often finding gaps in communicating with franchisees and store team members. For example, a coupon update seems simple enough, but relaying that information to franchisees who may or may not be checking their email, or relying on other communication methods, means the message could easily get missed.

More Communication, More Relevant Experiences

Their first step was to develop a low-cost online operations manual, which then matured into a fully-functional intranet—a one-stop-shop for all things Domino’s. News updates, quick links and department-specific home pages were all features of their intranet,

Domino's in-house team created a brand new intranet that not only had a great new look, but enabled the corporate and franchise team members to have user-specific experiences with three separate home pages: Store, Franchisee and Corporate.


Each site was designed for the group that it describes, allowing content to be more relevant to each user. Permissions are set to be site specific, allowing Domino’s to share confidential information securely, which is important in the franchise model.

In addition, the team created new and exciting features to the site: a social sharing tool and an option for subscriptions. "DPZ social" came to life, allowing all of Domino’s corporate and franchise team members to share photos and posts making a fun and interactive way for store team members, franchisees and corporate team members to interact with each other.

Our goal was to take the current and create a site that allowed more customization and created a more user-specific experience.
Stacie Barrett,
Internal Communications Manager
A new subscription-based news tool also allows users to pick and choose they kind of content they want to receive notificiations for. Domino’s in-house team worked within the Liferay platform to create categories and permissions to make this type of service possible.

These features, along with things like a customizable dashboard, user profile, messaging system and many others have made dLive a great place for user-specific information.

Increase in Traffic From 8,000 to 20,000 Per Week

With weekly support calls between Liferay and Domino’s in-house team, along with previous work with Xtivia, traffic has increased from 8,000 per week with the previous site, to 20,000 per week. The platform has bridged communication gaps between a large system and proven to be a great communication vehicle for the Domino’s brand.

There are also around 20,000 users per week, connecting all levels of the organization. Most importantly, their intranet has created a significant shift in company culture to increase collaboration and effective communication.