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Front-End Developer 7.3

Put your developer skills to the test with Liferay DXP 7.3 questions on topics including developer tools, themes, widget templates, and experience management tools.

90 Min | 50 Questions | 200 USD

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90 Minutes
50 Questions
70% Passing Score

Example Test Questions

  • All questions are based on Liferay best practices when developing for Liferay DXP.
  • Unless otherwise indicated in the question, assume a new Liferay installation with no additional plugins installed and no modifications to portal properties.
  1. Portlet Decorators and Theme Settings are configurable settings that can be added to a theme.
    Answer:  True
  2. Which of the following empower designers to bring their Design System into the platform to support marketers in staying on-brand?
    A. Layouts
    B. Web Content
    C. Widget Templates
    D. Style Books
    Answer:  D
  3. Which of the following are the primary source files used to customize a Theme?
    (Please select all correct answers.)
    A. style.scss
    B. portal_normal.ftl
    C. liferay-footer.xml
    D. main.js
    E. _custom.scss
    Answer: B, D and E


Each topic will be a percentage of the test below.
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Liferay 7.3: Front-End Developer Tools | 10%

Front-End developers have a variety of tools at their disposal to create and customize their Liferay projects, including the Liferay NPM Toolkit, Blade CLI, and an intuitive and extensible design language, Lexicon.

Blade CLI

Liferay NPM Toolkit



FreeMarker Templates

Liferay 7.3: Themes | 24%

Themes in Liferay DXP are used to comprehensively control the look and feel of a site. They are highly customizable and are generated by the Liferay Theme Generator.

Liferay Theme Generator

Configuration Settings

Portlet Decorators

Style Books

Liferay 7.3: Widget Templates | 10%

Widget Templates enable developers to ensure that the presentation of widgets on the platform matches its established branding.

Custom Widgets

Default Widgets

Asset Publisher Template

Configuration Settings

Liferay 7.3: Web Content Templates | 10%

Web Content Templates give front-end developers the ability to control the presentation of web content.

Web Content Structures

Configuration Settings

Liferay 7.3: Experience Management Tools | 38%

Liferay DXP comes equipped with several experience management tools, including page fragments and layout templates, that enable front-end developers to provide immersive digital experiences.

Page Fragments


Layout Templates

Liferay 7.3: Angular | 4%

Angular is a JavaScript framework which can be used by front-end developers to build applications for Liferay DXP.


Liferay NPM Bundle Generator

Liferay 7.3: React | 4%

React is a JavaScript library which can be used by front-end developers to build applications for Liferay DXP.


Liferay NPM Bundle Generator

Preparing for the Exam

Achieving recognition as a Liferay Certified Professional Front-End Developer demonstrates that you understand core concepts for front-end development on Liferay. The exam is designed to be challenging, yet fair for Liferay developers. Here’s how you can succeed:
  1. This exam is based off of the Liferay Training course Front-End Developer.
  2. Review the additional source material. is an amazing complementary source of information for the exam.
  3. Get hands-on development experience. Some of the topics covered on the exam require the kind of knowledge that comes from real experience developing for the Liferay Platform. If you have attended a developer training, be sure you've completed and reviewed all of the exercises presented during class, even the bonus exercises. If you haven't attended training, spend some time developing applications and customizations. It would also be helpful to review Liferay’s source code to ensure you're familiar with Liferay's best practices.
  4. Register.
  5. Show up to the testing center with the required identification and take the 90-minute exam.

How to Register

Liferay Certification exams are administered by Kryterion. Please register for an exam on Kryterion's website.
Registration Fee: $200 USD

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