Liferay Fundamentals

Everything you need to know about Liferay out of the box.

Length: 2 days
Formats: Public, Private, Online*
Liferay Versions: DXP

* Instructor-led for 3 days, 5 hours/day

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Best For

  • Project Leads
  • Business Users
  • Site Administrators

Teams that have taken training:

I highly recommend this course for anyone who wishes to learn Liferay, particularly through hands-on training.

Rupin Kakkar
Aon Hewitt


Day 1

  • Elements/toggle grey Creating User Experiences
    • Introduction to Liferay
    • The S.P.A.C.E. Story
  • Elements/toggle grey Integrating Users Into Liferay
    • Elements/toggle grey Liferay and Users
      • How Liferay Connects Users
      • Creating New Users
    • Elements/toggle grey Integrating with an Identity Management System
      • Bringing In Outside Users
      • Importing Users Through LDAP
    • Elements/toggle grey Reflecting Your Organizational Structure
      • How Organizations Help Business Units
      • Creating Organizations without Recreating the Org Chart
      • Assigning Users to Organizations
  • Elements/toggle grey Grouping Users
    • Managing a Large User Base
    • What are User Groups
    • Mapping LDAP Users to Groups
    • Managing Memberships with Groups
  • Elements/toggle grey Controlling User Access
    • How Users Access Content and Apps
    • What are Roles
    • Using Role Scopes to Manage Access
    • Granting Administrative Access to Department Heads
  • Delivering Content On the Web
  • Elements/toggle grey Building a Public Website
    • Elements/toggle grey Introduction to Sites
      • What Are Sites
    • Elements/toggle grey Creating a Public Website for an Organization
      • Building A Web Presence
      • Providing Site Navigation
    • Elements/toggle grey Creating Sites for Individual Departments
      • Using Templates to Build Landing Pages Quickly
      • Linking to Important Resources
    • Elements/toggle grey Creating Dynamic Front Pages
      • Building the Front Page with Web Content
      • Designating Teams to Create/Update Content
      • Using Structures and Templates to Apply Consistent Design
    • Elements/toggle grey Creating Private Sites
      • Using Private Pages to Gate Protected Content
      • Building Sites Quickly Using Site Templates
    • Elements/toggle grey Knowing When to Create New Roles
      • Evaluating the User Base and Needs
      • Creating New Roles

Day 2

  • Elements/toggle grey Setting up Documents for Delivering Content
    • Documents and Media
    • Organizing Content with Document Folders
    • Setting up Folders for Submitting Content
    • Displaying Audio and Video
  • Elements/toggle grey Setting Up Folders for Content Submissions
    • Using Folders to Organize Uploads
    • Restricting Access to Uploaded Content
  • Elements/toggle grey Creating Collaborative Spaces for Teams
    • Facilitating Team Collaboration with Message Boards
    • Working on Team Projects Using Wikis
  • Elements/toggle grey Getting Feedback
    • Using Forms to Gather Feedback
    • Reviewing Feedback Reports
  • Elements/toggle grey Creating Internal Resources for Employees
    • Elements/toggle grey Building an HR Resource Portal
      • Creating an Intranet Using Organization Sites
      • Protecting Employee Documents
    • Elements/toggle grey Searching Employee Information Using Metadata
      • Using Document Types to Store Employee Information
      • Adding Metadata to Record Employee Status
      • Searching for Employee Contracts By Status
    • Elements/toggle grey Setting Up a Central Repository of Information
      • Delivering Structured Information Using a Knowledge Base
      • Providing Easy Access and Search
  • Elements/toggle grey Reviewing Content Submissions
    • Elements/toggle grey Setting Up Workflow
      • Using Workflow to Review Submissions
      • Turning On Workflow for Specific Folders
    • Elements/toggle grey Advanced Workflow
      • Setting Up Parallel Workflows for Multiple Approvals
      • Completing Workflows With a Timer
  • Elements/toggle grey Staging Content Before Publishing
    • Elements/toggle grey Perfecting Landing Pages Before Going Live
      • Using Staging to Design Pages Prior to Launch
      • Publishing Changes Manually
    • Elements/toggle grey Rolling Publications with Staging
      • Preparing for One-Time and Recurring Publications
      • Scheduling Content Pushes

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