6-7 April | virtual event


Bryan Cheung
CHIEF executive officer, liferay
Bryan Cheung steers the company’s strategic direction and worldwide business development efforts as one of the founders serving with the company since its inception in 2004. Drawing on his technical experience, understanding of customer needs, and a passion for end-users, Bryan leads Liferay in meeting its commitment to deliver focused and effective business solutions to its customers and its community.
Andreas Firnau
Liferay Team Lead, USU
Andreas is a certified IPMA level C project manager and has worked with many of USU's Liferay clients. His work includes enterprise portal strategy, Liferay consulting, business process analysis and project management. Having worked with every major release of Liferay since v4.3, he comes with a deep knowledge of the Liferay Portal product.
Niloufer Bustani
Solution Architect, Liferay
As Cloud Solution Architect for North America, Niloufer has a passion for working with Liferay customers to architect effective cloud solutions addressing business challenges. Her engineering background encompasses cloud-native and migrated web and mobile solutions, and back-end application development spanning 18 years in the telecom industry.
Damian Rochman
VP of Global Product Management, Liferay
Damian leads the global product teams for Liferay, creating digital experience solutions that help organizations engage, transact and support their users across the world. Damian brings over 20 years of experience leading cross-functional software teams and providing solutions for different industries. Prior to joining Liferay, Damian led product organizations in companies such as CloudFactory, Zift Solutions, Kaltura and BMC Software.
Rafaela Nascimento
Release Manager, Liferay
Release Manager at Liferay LATAM since 2021. Master's and Graduate's degree in Chemical Engineer. Rafaela has been working in the Release Management team for one year. Working closely with the Product teams and Brian Chan, the Release Management team ensures that Engineering deliverables are met on time for the DXP and Portal releases.

Tayanna Sotero
Program Manager, Liferay
Tayanna leads the release management and DXP LATAM teams as Program Manager.
She has master's degree in Computer Science and brings over more than 16 years of experience as a Project Manager working on software development and consulting projects using agile frameworks.

David Gutiérrez Mesa
Senior QA Engineer, Liferay
David is a QA Engineer with more than 11 years of experience. He started as a developer but I quickly crossed to the dark side and moved to Quality Assurance. David has been in Liferay for the last two years. Before that, he worked as QA Engineer in different projects for companies like Banco Santander, Telefónica, HP, Netsuite-Oracle, and Gemalto-Thales.
Magdalena Jedraszak
Test Engineer, Liferay
For the last 5 years, Meg has been working as a QA Engineer in various Agile Development Teams. She knows from experience that implementing automation testing helps manage dynamic changes and assures that the product we deliver to our end-users keeps bringing them a value we've committed to. 
Víctor Galán Grande
Sr. Frontend Engineer, Liferay
Victor works as a software engineer in Liferay. He has a master's degree in mobile application. Since he is in Liferay he has worked in multiple areas of the product, starting with mobile, following with the frontend and backend.

Pablo Molina
Sr Software Engineer, Liferay
Pablo joined Liferay in 2017 and has been working in the Modern Site Building project since [System Settings > Web Content > Users > Pablo Molina > Collaborate in MSB, check true]. He loves programming with any language and adores moving blocks one pixel to the left, one pixel to the right. Sometimes he tries to collaborate writing some Java code, so please expect things to get broken.
Peter Mesotten
Liferay Architect, ACA Group
Peter has been working with Liferay since joining ACA Group. It all started in 2008 by rebuilding the company website in Liferay Portal 5. The size of the ACA's Liferay team quickly increased while Peter took on the role of technical lead, coach and mentor. Peter has contributed to more than 20 Liferay projects to date and ACA Group has been rewarded as a Community Excellence and Social Responsibility partner for the past 7 years.
Daniele Caldarini
Data Scientist, Smc Treviso Srl
Graduated with master's degree in Computer Science, specialized in Data Science and Machine Learning and Big Data. Work as Data Scientist and Researcher in Smc Treviso Srl for 2 years, with the objective to create new modern solutions through the use of Machine Learning and AI techniques.
Ferrán Bernal Muñoz
Digital Experience Manager, NTT DATA 
Senior Manager from the Digital Experience area for NTT Data in the UK. I have spent most of my career linked to Liferay projects developing in different versions from 5.2 to DXP and lately leading teams and projects with different configurations maximising Liferay potential (DXP Cloud, Liferay Analytics). Currently I am leading the Liferay practice in the UK.
Bryce Osterhaus
Senior Sw Engineer and Squad Lead, Liferay
Bryce is a Frontend Engineer and has been with Liferay since 2014. He is on the Frontend Infrastructure team and spends his time building tooling to help developers use and adopt modern frontend technologies in Liferay. One of his primary interests is building tools that help increase productivity and developer experience.
Javier de Arcos
Headless Squad Lead & Senior Software Engineer, Liferay
Javier is the Headless Squad Lead and Senior Software Engineer at Liferay. Living between APIs, he is trying to mediate between Frontend and Backend worlds. Passionate about developing solutions for the real world, he is always learning how to find the best way to develop valuable high-quality software and loves to share it and debate about it with his teammates.
Rubén Pulido
Senior Software Engineer, Liferay
Rubén is Software Engineer at Liferay, where he has contributed to the development of Analytics Cloud, Headless REST APIs and currently Modern Site Building. Previously he worked applying Machine Learning to Social Media data and improving integration between Data Mining, Warehousing and Business Intelligence systems. Ruben holds a degree in Telecommunications Engineering from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and a Master of Information Technology from the University of Stuttgart.
Lourdes Fernández Besada
Senior Software Engineer, Liferay
Lourdes is a Software Engineer at Liferay, where she has contributed to the development of Information Templates, Site Navigation Menus, and Page Tree. Previously she worked in different Java solutions and the last years customizing the Liferay portal in custom installations. Lourdes holds a diploma in Telecommunications Technical Engineering from Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña.
Daniel Sanz
Team Lead, Liferay
Daniel started to work at Liferay in 2010 as a developer, joining support services full-time a year later. He had different positions in the support department, mostly related to subject matter experts and supportability. In 2020 started to work as a Product Owner in the Frontend Infrastructure team, leading it from December 2021.
Adolfo Perez Alvarez
Software Engineer & Team Lead, Liferay
Backend Software Engineer and Team Lead at Liferay. For the last 8 years has been involved in different parts of the product, like Documents and Media, Adaptive Media, Asset Libraries and Translations support.
Shanon Mathai
Sr. Consultant, Liferay
Shanon has been working out of the Chicago office and have been with Liferay for nearly 6 years. He primarily work on the backend and devops side of things. Having worked on a few performance tuning projects across his time at Liferay, He’s been a point of contact when it comes to generating load tests with JMeter and I hope to share some of that knowledge with you.
Deependra Singh Bhadoria
Technical Architect, Accenture
Deependra is Technology Architect and Liferay Architect at Accenture. He has more than 16+ year of experience in IT industry on various technologies like Java/J2ee, JSP, Servlet, Velocity, Liferay, Rest API, SSO,AWS. With 13+ experience in Liferay DXP.
Gabriel Albuquerque
Software Engineer, Liferay
Gabriel is a software engineer at Liferay, Inc. Currently the technical responsible for the Sierra Team at Liferay, Gabriel has been part of Objects from the beginning and is fascinated by the power of low code applications. He is currently an M.Sc. in Computer Science.
Luiz Jardim
Product Manager, Liferay
Luiz is a Product Manager at Liferay Inc., responsible for driving product strategy and supporting the product development of Liferay Low-code and Digital Operations on DXP. Engineer, MBa and Specialist in Agile Management, currently responsible for driving the development of Liferay Objects, Forms, and Workflow.
José Abelenda Neto
Team Lead, Liferay
Team Lead of Liferay Solutions team from Engineering Department in Brazil and since last months I've been working on new features and integrations on Liferay 7.4. 
Keven Leone
Software Engineer, Liferay
Software Engineer, front-end developer of Solutions Team, working at Liferay since March, 2020. Javascript/Typescript enthusiast and since last months I've been working with React and Remote Apps on Liferay 7.4
Sushil Patidar
Technical Architect, Accenture
Sushil is Technology Architect and Liferay SME at Accenture. He has more than 12+ year of experience in IT industry on various technologies like Java/J2ee, JSP, Servlet, Velocity, Liferay, Rest API, SSO and AWS. He has been member of Liferay Open Source community since 2011 and awarded community contributor of the award year in 2018 for contribution in forums, blogs and JIRA.
Dave Nebinger
Solutions Architect, Liferay
Dave is a long-time Liferay community contributor with a long history of helping developers and administrators with their Liferay solutions. Dave’s latest effort is bi-weekly “office hours” sessions where folks can join and share on a Zoom bridge. This year Dave is undertaking a two-week section hike of the Appalachian Trail that will knock him offline and will require a lot of hiking and camping over 275 miles.
Patrick Yeo
Frontend Technologies, UX, Liferay
Patrick is a Frontend Engineer at Liferay. He maintains Clay CSS and helps component teams whenever needed. He enjoys finding creative solutions to complex problems.
Pablo Agulla
Senior Product Manager, Liferay
Pablo is a senior product manager at Liferay, where he contributes to clarifying the product strategy and defining the roadmap in the areas of headless APIs and collaboration. Before joining Liferay, he worked as a software developer and product manager for companies in the travel and telecommunications industries.
Ivica Cardic
team lead, Liferay
Ivica holds a M.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Zagreb & a MBA from the Cotrugli Business School of Zagreb, Croatia, and brings more than 15 years of experience designing and implementing enterprise-level apps in Java. At Liferay, Ivica works as a team lead in the Commerce team.
Sergio Jiménez del Coso
Associate Software Engineer, Liferay
Sergio works as Associate Software Engineer at Liferay. He graduated in Computer Engineering. Before joining Liferay he belonged to a research group which worked with systems to promote active ageing. He joined liferay in september, 2021. Since then, he’s been working in different areas in the Frontend Infrastructure team.
Robert Hagedorn
Project Manager, Sächsische Aufbaubank
Robert started at SAB as a Finance and Banking working student in 2009. After working in different finance-related departments, Robert start an MBA in 2018 and moved to the digitalisation area within the SAB. Responsible for the digitization of the subsidies application process he oversees several projects and a team of developers for the Funding Portal. In 2021 he started the Project of the integration of the Online Portal with Liferay at the SAB