Solutions: B2B Commerce

Grow Your Revenue with a Unified Experience

Liferay brings Marketing, Sales, and IT teams together on one platform so they can seamlessly coordinate their efforts to serve customers and increase revenue.
Marketing Teams

Drive new revenue with more relevant experiences.

Every audience needs something different. Empower Marketing to respond to your buyers’ needs with experiences that create real revenue gains through upselling, cross-selling, and recurring revenue models.
  • Craft the right experience for every audience—no “one-size-fits-all” compromises.
  • Increase the discoverability of related products with machine learning-driven recommendations.
  • ​​​​​​Increase recurring revenue with insights on demand forecasting and subscriptions to match.
Marketing Teams

Find new opportunities for growth with audience analytics.

Gain a better understanding of how individual buyers or groups use your site and run tests to see how to improve their experience.
  • Optimize your content and site experience through A/B testing.
  • Target personalization for less engaged audiences to improve their conversions and purchasing.
  • Measure the behavior of your top tier customers and invest more in personalization for their needs.

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Your B2B Customer Portal

Sales teams

Eliminate channel conflict with integrated B2B sales tools.

When product catalogs get complex, customers need more than self-service to be successful. Create a better handoff between your commerce site and your sales team by turning the digital channel into a tool they use to sell.
  • Assign accounts to your sales network that they can manage through the commerce site.
  • Enable sales reps to take action on behalf of accounts, including creating and editing orders.
  • Build sales enablement libraries that only reps can see within the commerce site.
Sales teams

Empower sales reps to act as consultants, not order-takers.

Arm your sales team with relevant account insights so they’re ready to serve as the expert your customers need.
  • See exactly what each customer sees on your site, down to their personalized content and pricing.
  • Stay on top of at-risk accounts with alerts for downward purchasing trends.
  • Surface valuable insights with account-specific dashboards that track KPIs and order forecasting.
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IT teams

Focus IT teams on creating business value.

Meet your business team’s needs with less IT effort, saving your resources for areas that create the most differentiation.
  • Allow marketing teams to independently handle day-to-day tasks instead of relying on IT.
  • Deliver new features faster with our extensible open source platform.
  • Reduce maintenance and infrastructure management costs with our PaaS solution.
IT teams

Connect every system across the commerce experience.

Integrate your existing customer-facing systems and commerce ecosystem onto one platform for a consistent user experience.
  • Bring all commerce-related customer data onto one platform for a clearer view of your business.
  • Integrate specialized or homegrown systems with enterprise standard tools such as Mulesoft.
  • Connect to new frontends with headless APIs that follow the Open API standard.
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Leveraging AI to Improve the B2B Customer Experience

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