Modernize Operations with Digital Business Processes

Leverage Liferay DXP's Low-Code capabilities to run more efficient business operations enhanced by automation and intelligence.

West Bend Mutual Insurance Company

Low-Code Enabled West Bend Mutual Insurance Company (WBMI) to Generate More Business

Liferay's Low-Code functionality allowed WBMI to reduce paper-based submissions and reduce the time needed to generate a quote to less than ten minutes.

Streamline Processes

Delight users with the efficiency of your operations

Whether you’re looking to collect and share data, generate and distribute reports, or create a system to track and resolve issues and requests, our low-code tools can help you streamline a wide range of business processes without needing to rely on IT for help.

Define your data using Objects

Organize process steps using Workflows

Surface relevant information with Intelligent Search

Make it easy for users to complete processes with Custom Interfaces


Define Your Data

Define the objects core to your business process and their relationships to each other. Liferay Objects allow you to:

Define things like service tickets, registration forms, requests, or whatever else your business process needs.

Use headless APIs to map data from backend systems of record to your objects. 

Create new object fields for additional metadata that enriches data synchronized from backend systems. 

Extend existing system objects like Users, Organizations, and Accounts.

Define relationships between objects through an easy to use GUI.

Define actions to be taken programmatically under specified conditions. 


Define Process Steps

Define the steps and agents required to move your process forward. Liferay Workflows allow you to: 

Create single and multi-step workflows through a drag-and-drop GUI.

Assign workflow steps to individuals, roles, or system automations. 

Track workflow submissions through a single interface.

Define service level agreements and measure performance against them with built-in metrics.

Interface Design

Design Intuitive Interfaces 

Create intuitive interfaces that make it easy for users to complete business processes.

Create single or multi-page interfaces that allow users to view, edit, and update data related to the process.

Easily control the way data is displayed and sorted within your interface.

Quickly add text, buttons, animations, and other graphical elements to your interface without coding. 

Enhance your interface by integrating third-party applications and data via APIs.

Allow front-end developers to create alternative interfaces for different end points using a complete set of headless APIs.

Digitize and Automate Business Processes Quickly with Low-Code

Begin experiencing the power and flexibility of Liferay SaaS and build a Liferay solution within minutes.
Case Study 

Liferay's Low-Code Capabilities Empower Team Global Express' Front Line Employees


Empower Business users Through Low-Code Capabilities


What is Low-Code and No-Code?

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