7 Reasons Why Our Customers Choose Liferay DXP
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7 Reasons Why Our Customers Choose Liferay DXP

Discover why 1,200 businesses around the world rely on our platform.

One of the questions we get most here at Liferay is, “how do we know Liferay DXP is really the best choice for us?” 

To help answer this question, we’ve summarized a few key reasons we’ve heard from our 1,200+ customers as to why Liferay DXP is the best choice for their business and how it might help yours as well:


1. Simplify Your Tech Stack

One common thread across Liferay customers is that they can reduce the number of vendors and technologies they manage by replacing some of their tech stack with Liferay DXP. 

Because Liferay DXP includes capabilities across a broad number of categories (CMS, Commerce, Search, and Low Code, to name a few), customers can often fulfill new requirements for technology using Liferay functionality that is already part of their subscription. 

And because most Liferay DXP capabilities are designed to be easily swappable, customers who start with Liferay DXP's built-in features can easily replace or enhance them with third-party technology if needed.

“We were able to … stand up two fundamental platforms for the new company inside a couple months using the same team and the same infrastructure and the same approach.” - Grant Pattison, Head of IT at Team Global Express


2. Invest in a Future-Proof Technology that Evolves with Your Strategy

We hear from many of our customers that one of their biggest challenges is how quickly the business landscape changes, especially now that digital technology accelerates change. This means some existing technologies will become outdated quickly or no longer fit with a company’s evolving strategy.

To combat these challenges, our customers take advantage of the ways Liferay DXP has been designed to evolve with their changing needs: 

  • Easy-to-tailor platform. No matter how business requirements shift over time, customers can adapt Liferay DXP accordingly. They update the UI through low code configuration, swap or add other technologies they need, and add or update custom code through our extensible architecture.  
  • New features quarterly. Our team releases new features quarterly to ensure that we offer the latest innovations to our customers on a regular basis. The market will always push for the latest developments. A few years ago, businesses emphasized personalization, today AI is trending, and tomorrow may bring even more disruption. Quarterly releases guarantee we stay on top of changing market conditions.
  • Separation for customizations. Any customizations you make happen outside of our core product. This allows for rapid innovation from both Liferay and our customers: Liferay, in pushing the product’s capabilities, and our customers, in evolving their custom code, configurations, and connectors.

After building a customer self-service portal, Broadcom is already diving into more plans for refining personalization. “[Liferay has] given us a stable platform that we can continue to build on and to grow the product on.” - Erica Callaghan, Communications and UX Officer for the Global Technology Organization at Broadcom


3. Deliver Multiple Solutions on One Platform 

More than 40% of our customers build more than one solution on Liferay DXP. 

With Liferay DXP, our customers can build multiple solutions, such as intranets, commerce sites, customer portals, supplier portals, and more. This has helped our customers not only save time and resources by not needing to procure different technologies but has also created greater synergy between the solutions they build on the same platform.

Keep learning about the solutions you can build with Liferay DXP here.

Global leader in construction and underground mining Putzmeister originally used Liferay to connect their collaboration platforms and is now also using Liferay for their corporate websites and self-service portals for customers and dealers.


4. Reduce the Burden on Your IT Team

Before using Liferay DXP,  many of our customers’ IT teams were bogged down by having to make simple updates to website content, page layouts, and other low-value activities. 

So imagine how happy our customers were when they used the platform’s Low-Code functionality to empower business users to make these kinds of updates independently. This, in turn, gives their IT teams more time to focus on strategic, high-value work. 

“It is much easier to manage our sites. Before, if you wanted to add any content other than a simple document, you needed to be an HTML expert! Now, we have a standard interface which makes the process quicker and easier.” - Costas Skouras, Director of IT at the Council of Europe


5. Leverage Your Existing Technology Investments

Like many enterprises, Liferay’s customers almost always have a lot of custom-built technologies and legacy systems that contain much of their important data and run critical business processes.

They know these systems should be modernized, but they need time for proper planning, budgeting, and change management. Liferay DXP has allowed customers to connect these tools and back-end systems and present them to users through a modern user interface while keeping the systems intact. This allows them to plan for IT modernization over time while providing an improved user experience immediately.

"[Liferay] offers the flexibility to connect with other existing systems – including our core systems – and to customize and change them according to our needs.” - Product Portfolio Owner at Škoda Auto


6. Protect Your Users and Data with a Highly Secure Platform

Rising cyberattacks and the current geopolitical landscape require security to be top of mind for every business leader. With Liferay DXP, our customers trust and depend on a highly secure platform.

For over two decades, we’ve placed security, compliance, and data protection at the core of our product, offerings, and operations at Liferay. Because of our expertise and emphasis on security, we’ve been able to provide trusted solutions to industries where security is paramount, like finance, government, and healthcare. We’ve received ISO 27001/ 27017/ 27018, SOC 2 Type 2, HIPAA, and CSA STAR Level 2 certifications. 

Dive deeper into our security programs in our Trust Center.

With Liferay underpinning their online offerings, Virgin Media O2 has been able to protect their services and minimize outages, eliminating the annual vulnerability risks they dealt with previously.


7. Deploy Any Way You Need

Our customers have unique business needs, so we let them host however they want, with many of our customers embracing Liferay’s PaaS or SaaS offerings and experiencing the benefits of deploying Liferay DXP in the cloud. Our SaaS and PaaS deployments are backed by a deep technology partnership with Google Cloud, which allows them to tap into Google Cloud’s world-class infrastructure and technology. 

For customers who have specific requirements that cannot be met on the cloud, they are still able to leverage Liferay DXP through our on-premise offering.

Due to their rapid growth and limited resources, Alongsiders chose to deploy their Liferay solution on Liferay SaaS, which has relieved the burden of infrastructure, support, and application management.


Around the world, our customers have leveraged the unique benefits of Liferay DXP to build solutions tailored for their business, like self-service customer portals, B2B commerce sites, or centralized supplier portals. Get started on building solutions that function and look the way your business needs as well. 

Contact our sales team to learn more or get started with a demo here.

Originally published
July 2, 2024
 last updated
July 3, 2024
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