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Business Whitepapers

Increase Sales with Social Product Marketing Increase Sales with Social Product Marketing Social media experts hope to leverage Facebook and other networks to increase awareness, but that only focuses on awareness and disregards the other phases. By melding traditional marketing and social media into a single strategy called “Social Product Marketing,” companies can increase the percentages of transitions and the speed at which they transition.
Is Liferay Right for Your Organization Is Liferay Right for Your Organization There are many choices when it comes to selecting an enterprise portal or Web platform. The proliferation of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) and occasionally connected endpoint devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, is making the right platform choice more and more critical. This white paper answers seven important technical questions and provides practical tips and advice to consider when evaluating Web portal platforms. Furthermore, the paper highlights features and functionality of the Liferay Portal Platform and how it addresses each issue.
Liferay Buyers Guide Liferay Buyers Guide Enterprises are increasingly evaluating their corporate infrastructures to see how they may benefit from open source. This has been driven by a combination of tangible business needs for competition in today’s web-centric business environment and the recognized limitations of proprietary technologies in being able to meet these needs. While several key infrastructure pieces are still supported by expensive and often operationally “heavy” platforms, open source use has become popular for components residing within the presentation layer, notably surrounding portals, content, and collaboration functionality. This document provides an overview of trends, opportunities and solutions for enterprises seeking operational and business improvement and how portals and collaboration software can address popular business pain points. It also provides a comprehensive outline of key selection criteria for enterprises seeking to invest in such technology.
Open vs Closed Source Open vs Closed Source February 2013 Main authors: Jorge Ferrer/ Alice Cheng This is the public-facing doc based on the internal doc created by Jorge.
Portal Best Practice Portal Best Practice Enterprise portals have reached a level of maturity in today’s software market where it is no longer the technology that inhibits return on investment. Unfortunately, many obstacles to successful solutions persist, chiefly because of the cross-organizational nature of portal business objectives. Portals uniquely sit in the intersection of multiple departments, serving the needs of diverse-and often competing-sponsors. This paper provides some practical insight into how to best manage your portal investment.
What is a Portal? What is a Portal? A portal is generally defined as a software platform for building websites and web applications. Modern portals have added multiple features that make them the best choice for a wide array of web applications. This paper provides a basic overview on the portal's various features and how they can be employed to build webpages and manage content as desired.
Understanding Liferay Portal's Business Value Understanding Liferay Portal's Business Value
Liferay Portal 6.2 Portlet and Feature Overview Liferay Portal 6.2 Portlet and Feature Overview The latest release of Liferay’s flagship product, Liferay Portal 6.2, continues to offer enterprise users an enhanced work experience with a robust set of features and portlets out-of-the-box. This document lists the key capabilities and portlets in major functional categories.
Building for Today's Customer: 6 Essential Web Strategies for Financial Services Building for Today's Customer: 6 Essential Web Strategies for Financial Services If one thing is certain, it’s that the technology environment will continue to change, and with it, customer expectations. This document overviews major trends in the Financial Services environment and highlights six strategies for keeping current with your web strategy.
Liferay Marketplace Summary Liferay Marketplace Summary It has never been easier to create custom web experiences with Liferay Portal. Not only does this whitepaper explain the basic tenets of using Liferay Marketplace: it contains an overview of some of Liferay’s most useful tools like Liferay Sync, Kaleo Workflow, OpenScape and many others. Download the whitepaper for more information about these apps available right now in the Liferay Marketplace.

Technical Whitepapers

Advanced Liferay Architecture - Clustering and High Availability Advanced Liferay Architecture - Clustering and High Availability What does it take to configure Liferay for high availability? Is it just load balancing the servers, or is there more to it? This paper goes into a high-level discussion on what a Liferay high availability configuration looks like, and a checklist of items that need to be addressed so that you can avoid errors or corruption from improper or incomplete configuration, along with any options for these items. It will also include have a brief high-level overview on how to approach performance tuning, and what to expect. For this paper, Liferay on Apache Tomcat will be used as an example.
Identity Management in Liferay - Overview and Best Practices Identity Management in Liferay - Overview and Best Practices Liferay Portal is merely one piece of the puzzle of your total solution, but identity management needs to be unified into a cohesive system. Where does Liferay fit into this? This paper will provide an overview of how Liferay Portal fits into the big picture and its role in your specific identity management system. Learn about the many configurations and features that come right out of the box or are supported with very minimal effort. Liferay can also support custom solutions and your options, as you will discover in this paper the best practices for achieving sound integration.
Liferay Portal 6.2 Key Features Liferay Portal 6.2 Key Features Liferay’s 6.2 release offers a wide array of new features and increased functionality for the enterprise. This whitepaper provides an overview of Liferay Portal 6.2’s various features, ranging from Mobile SDK to Social Collaboration, along with a review of benefits for the developer.
Liferay Application Integration Strategies Liferay Application Integration Strategies Integrating standalone web applications into a cohesive web-based experience is not an easy task. There is no magic recipe for a good integration in a very short time without having to make compromises. However, Liferay makes it possible to achieve a near-native integration with minimal effort. This paper gives a brief overview of various integration strategies using Liferay Portal, and discusses the associated benefits and tradeoffs of each method.
Liferay IDE Datasheet Liferay IDE Datasheet Liferay IDE is a best-of-breed set of Eclipse plugins that expedites and simplifies plug-in development with the Liferay Portal platform. In June 2010, Liferay shipped the first release of Liferay IDE 1.0 Community Edition (CE), which is now freely available to Liferay’s community of developers. It currently supports existing Eclipse Galileo and Helios releases. This datasheet details the IDE's features and benefits.
Liferay In the Cloud Liferay In the Cloud
Liferay Portal 5.1 Performance Whitepaper Liferay Portal 5.1 Performance Whitepaper This whitepaper examines Liferay Portal’s performance under simulated loads of thousands of concurrent users per physical server across several usage scenarios that include portal login, website content delivery, and collaboration. Readers can examine optimal hardware configurations, review demonstrated single-box user capacities, and understand Liferay’s capacity for linear scalability using additional hardware. To truly demonstrate Liferay’s capability for enterprise-scale usage scenarios, this performance benchmark measures Liferay’s performance with the following conditions: * 1,000,000 users in the database * 3,000,000 message forum threads and posts * 10,000 communities and organizations * 100,000 blog entries and 1,000,000 comments
Liferay Portal 6.0 Performance Whitepaper Liferay Portal 6.0 Performance Whitepaper Liferay Portal is the leading open source enterprise portal solution. Gartner named Liferay a leader in feature completeness and ROI among the vendors represented in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition is the commercial and long-term supported edition of the Liferay Portal solution. The Liferay engineering team performed intensive tuning and testing to demonstrate the scalability of Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition in a collection of use cases including infrastructure portal, collaboration, and content management. The goals of this study were to: * Determine the maximum number of virtual users supportable by a single physical server across defined test cases. * Determine if Liferay Portal provides linear scalability (i.e. if we double the number of portal application servers, we should double the number of virtual users). * Provide statistics to help Liferay Global Services, Liferay Portal Enterprise clients, and Liferay Service Partners in capacity planning.
Liferay Portal 6.1 Performance Whitepaper Liferay Portal 6.1 Performance Whitepaper
Liferay Portal 6.2 Performance Whitepaper Liferay Portal 6.2 Performance Whitepaper
Liferay WCM Overview Liferay WCM Overview Liferay Portal includes a complete Web Content Management System that enables you to build rich web content that can be combined with application portlets, widgets and gadgets. Liferay Portal, within its included WCMS, provides you powerful yet easy-to-use tools with sophisticated features like one-click page creation and easy rich text editors to build web pages, websites and web applications
LPEE 6.0 Deployment Checklist LPEE 6.0 Deployment Checklist
LPEE 6.1 Deployment Checklist LPEE 6.1 Deployment Checklist
LPEE 6.2 Deployment Checklist LPEE 6.2 Deployment Checklist After heavy testing, the Liferay Engineering and Global Services teams have outlined the steps to design a fully fault-tolerant Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition Deployment. The architecture described in this document builds a solid foundation for future growth and customization. Although a portal’s performance profile may differ depending on several factors, this checklist provides an overview of the most critical parameters to monitor as you deploy your own instance of Liferay Portal 6.2.
6.1 EE Roles Quick Start Guide 6.1 EE Roles Quick Start Guide Roles are a very powerful feature in Liferay Portal. they allow you to take advantage of the fine-grained permissioning system and control what users or groups of users have access to resources in large and very small scope. This guide will help you get started in creating and applying the basics of Liferay roles.
Liferay EE Reference Architecture & Hardware Requirements Liferay EE Reference Architecture & Hardware Requirements The production environment for a typical Liferay deployment consists of a number of HTTP/web servers, application servers or servlet containers, and database servers playing specific roles. This whitepaper reviews the recommended environment in which a deployment should take place and provides helpful guidance on how to determine and set up such an environment.
Top 5 Things to Do First with Liferay Bundle Top 5 Things to Do First with Liferay Bundle
WCM Quick Start Guide WCM Quick Start Guide
What Will You Build What Will You Build Whatever your business demands may be, Liferay Portal has the feature set and flexibility to enable you to build what you need and build it well. In this document, we examine what a portal is, the variety of ways in which a portal can be used and the ways in which other businesses have used Liferay Portal to build beautiful, innovative solutions to fulfill a variety of needs.

Migration Guides

Sun Portal Migration Guide Sun Portal Migration Guide In 2007, Sun Microsystems made a strategic decision to EOL all Sun Portal versions and migrate users to a Sun version of the Liferay Platform called Sun Web Space Server. As Oracle’s acquisition of Sun Microsystems in 2009/2010, has determined the end of feature development for Sun Portal, users are facing End of Life on their portal platforms. While customers will be able to work with Oracle for long-term support for their implementations, Sun Portal customers can gain by migrating to Liferay’s platform for a vastly larger eco-system, extensive innovations and greatly reduced complexity and costs for support.
Sun Web Space Migration Guide Sun Web Space Migration Guide In 2008, Liferay and Sun Microsystems entered into an agreement whereby Sun was able to repackage Liferay Portal as the Sun Web Space Server. Following Oracle’s acquisition of Sun Microsystems in 2010, many Sun Web Space customers are now facing an End of Feature Life phase for their Sun Web Space implementations. Fortunately, these Sun product users can easily transition to Liferay’s platform for a vastly larger eco-system, extensive innovations and greatly reduced complexity. The following document compares some of the key features of each solution and provides a sample migration guide.
Migrating to Liferay Portal Migrating to Liferay Portal

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