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A Leader in Gartner's 2014 Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals

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Key Features & Solutions

Portal, Identity & Content Targeting

Create personalized experiences online.

Give web visitors what they're looking for. Liferay lets you tailor your website to the needs and preferences of each individual.

Customer Story

See how Sesame Street’s website delights kids and parents. Read More

Engaging your customers goes far beyond content and websites.

Customer engagement & management

We've moved past the traditional websites of the early internet, which were created as one-way publishing channels. Today's leading companies are using their online presence to dialogue with prospects and customers in a very personal way.

With Liferay's unique approach to building web experiences, you can build a relationship with customers across the lifecycle. From early stage awareness and interest through purchase and customer onboarding, Liferay's portal foundation makes it easy to get a fuller view of your customer relationships and tailor their experience from start to finish.

consumers who won't do business with you on any channel due to bad online experience
60% of customers online prefer websites that remember contact details and purchase information
Key Features & Benefits
Content Targeting

Set up rules to present the right message to your visitors based on social profile, region, and browsing history.

Identity Management

Liferay's portal foundation means being able to easily manage your user's credentials, profile, and rights.

Multi-Site Platform

Liferay is perfect for building both public websites and customer portals for a seamless experience.

“We’ve seen a constant increase in visitor numbers over the last few years. That translates into millions in revenue through the May Fair website which runs on Liferay.”

Iype Abraham
Commercial Development Director
The May Fair Hotel
May Fair Hotel's Liferay site is driving significant revenue.
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Social Collaboration & Integration

Grow social communities that deliver business results.

Give your audience tools for sharing knowledge, generating ideas, and building relationships - all while driving business goals.

Customer Story

Social communities done right can reduce costs and grow revenue.


Everyone's heard of social software and we're pretty sure it's valuable, but proving its benefits can be elusive. It's important to create social communities with purpose: to reduce the cost of sales or customer support, perhaps, or to accelerate customer development and ultimately drive revenue.

Liferay is unique among social-enablement platforms because we go beyond the surface: the value of social communities is in how they integrate with enterprise systems to drive forward business processes and deliver on goals. To justify the investment in social software, enterprise integration is essential.

See how Team Beach Body uses social networking to drive revenue.
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Key Features & Benefits
Integrated Social Collaboration

Blogs, wikis, forums and activity streams work best when they are designed to work together.

Enterprise System Integration

Liferay-based communities aren't just for fun: they can drive business goals by integrating with CRM, ERP and other key systems.

Documents, Workflow & Permissions

Define workflows around documents and business processes and use permissions to control access.


Put your content in the context of your business processes.

Liferay lets you define and manage key workflows around documents and content to keep your business flowing.


Don’t just manage content—make your business move.


We are generating more content than ever, working with it from our devices as well as our desktops, and delivering it to the right channels to empower sales reps, reach new markets, and solve customer issues. Which is why it is more important than ever to have full control of your content creation process.

When you put content in context, you empower people to make critical decisions when they're immersed in the business moment. Reduced decision friction means more purchases, faster business evolution, and more time to focus on what's truly important.

share of world's data created in the last two years.
Key Features & Benefits
Document Management & Integration

Liferay's full-featured document management can also integrate with Sharepoint, Filenet and Documentum.

Document Sync on Desktop & Mobile

Access your documents easily from your desktop or mobile device using Liferay Sync.

Workflow Designer

Define publishing and approval processes using Liferay's built-in Kaleo Workflow Designer.

the average support call cost versus $.10 for a Web interaction.
Read how Allianz empowers customers to buy with confidence.
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“Thanks to Liferay, our online presence echoes the company’s core values and emphasis on quality service, and is now an integrated part of sales and marketing strategies.”

Kerry Fullagar
Head of IT Strategy, Architecture and Development
Allianz Insurance
Mobile Previews, Responsive Design & Mobile App SDK

Execute your mobile engagement
strategy the smart way.

With Liferay, get responsive web experiences out of the box, build your own native applications, and create a long-term enterprise mobile platform.

Customer Story

Being mobile-ready means you'll reach customers in more places than ever.

A Comprehensive Approach to Mobile

Over half of US web traffic and one-third of web traffic globally is coming from mobile devices. Is your website ready to take advantage of the new opportunities afforded by mobile?

It starts with the right approach to content: by using best practices for responsive web design, Liferay automatically makes it possible for your content to look good on any device.

It's also important to have the right long-term approach for mobile devices. But whether you choose a hybrid, responsive or native apps strategy, Liferay gives you a head start. Use our mobile SDK to make your application logic available to mobile app customers, or use our responsive design support as the foundation for web-based mobile approaches.

Mobile devices became the predominant method to access the web in Q1 2014
purchase decisions influenced by using a mobile device in store
Key Features & Benefits
Responsive Design

Liferay is designed so that your web content looks right on screens of any size.

Mobile Device Rules and Previews

Treat different devices differently with Mobile Device Rules, and preview content right from the editor.

Native Mobile Apps SDK

Build custom mobile apps that can access data, documents, content, and business functions.

Liferay Sync Mobile

Access documents from mobile devices with Liferay's document sync app for iOS and Android.

See a summary of Liferay 6.2's mobile and other features.

Enterprise IT likes Liferay:
here are six reasons.

Enterprise ready.

Liferay is designed for scalability, reliability, and high performance-- both on-premises and in the cloud.

Lightweight and agile.

With Liferay, projects are completed faster and with smaller budgets so you can see immediate results.

A complete platform.

With content, collaboration and portal features, your solutions require minimal customization.

Built with open source.

Our open source community fosters innovation, increase security, and improves quality of the software.

Compatible with your IT.

Liferay lets you reuse the enterprise software and skills you already have in-house.

Powerful integration.

Liferay is designed for integrating with both enterprise systems and web-based resources.

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