How Liferay Helps Manufacturers Enable Autonomous Maintenance

With a customer portal built on Liferay, you can efficiently provide your customers with the necessary information, guidelines and onboarding content to execute maintenance tasks autonomously.​​​​​​​
Create Comprehensive Knowledge Bases
Thorough knowledge bases allow end-users – such as your customers' technicians – to quickly comprehend and utilize your products and services as well as related problems.
Enhance Products with Rich Content and Media
Provide the right information at the right time and simplify maintenance operations by enriching product information with relevant content, blogs, manuals, or data sheets. ​​​​​​​
Enable Self-Service Access to Information
Offer discussion boards, forums, media galleries or Wikis with customized content, enabling technicians to share information, watch installation videos, and independently solve problems.
Take Customer Service to a New Level
Leverage advanced features like AI- and ML-driven chatbots that answer search queries, check the status of an order, find consumables, and suggest spare parts.

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Check out these videos and discover how manufacturers can leverage Liferay DXP to build superior customer portal experiences that simplify complexity, reduce the cost-to-serve, and ultimately increase revenue. ​​
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