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Why Enabling Autonomous Maintenance is Critical for Great Aftersales Experiences in Manufacturing
By offering online tools for autonomous maintenance, manufacturers can improve their customer's experience and provide them with more control over their equipment.
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Liferay DXP and the Skateboard Platform
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Industrial Digital Transformation.jpg
Industrial Digital Transformation: Why Use a Digital Experience Platform?
What does industrial digital transformation look like, and how can a digital experience platform make it happen? Here’s what you need to know.
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Personalized Banking Blog Header.jpg
Personalized Banking for Up- and Cross-Selling
What is personalized banking, and how does it create new opportunities for up- and cross-selling? Here are a few key things to know.
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Reducing Costs Through Automated Warranty Claims
Automating warranty claim management enables businesses to streamline this tedious function while reducing manual tasks, increasing accuracy, and minimizing costs.
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Personalizing Customer Experience in Manufacturing.jpg
Personalizing Customer Experience in Manufacturing: The Why & How
Personalizing customer experience in manufacturing doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s a look at the why and how to help you get started.
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supply_chain_digital _transformation.jpg
Supply Chain Digital Transformation: The What, Why & How
Join us as we take an inside look at supply chain digital transformation: what it is, why it matters and how to make it happen.
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8 Exceptional Customer Portal Examples
What makes a great customer portal? Read how these companies use different portals to deliver tailored user experiences.
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Minimizing Unplanned Downtime: How to Support Your Manufacturing Customers
Your manufacturing customers constantly face unplanned downtime. Help them overcome significant costs by minimizing downtime with a customer portal.
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Buy or Build? Which Customer Engagement Portal is Right for You?
Ready to attract loyal, long-term users? It's time to get a customer engagement portal. Let’s take a look at how..
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3 Examples of Successful Digital Transformation in Manufacturing
3 real-world examples of digital transformation in the manufacturing industry: Airbus, Macdon, Mueller Inc.
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Improve B2B Financial Customer Experience.jpg
19 Stats to Improve B2B Financial Customer Experience in 2022
What can commercial businesses do to retain their clients and extend that customer journey?
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